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Functional and Functional Viewpoint Essay (Article)

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The functional insight deals with conceptual operational elements review and the rational interrelations of these components. The Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) is rendered as a set of hierarchically organized processes (“Functional,” par. 1). Notably, processes comprise functions and activities that are linked to a series of requirements obtained from parent documentations. The Data Dictionary defines the data course moving between processes and the dataset storage, where the information is preserved for longer durations.

The process behavior depicts an array of operations undertaken by this facet to attain a target. Application objective achievement or facilitation of activities of another task requires the execution of actions by the process. This implementation may encompass data gathering, information conversion, or data inception and processing. The functional view outlines the procedures utilized in controlling and managing system performance and other functional modulation features that are essential in describing the system’s active functioning (“Functional,” par. 2). Further, it defines information analysis functions, data repository, and the systematic mobility of material amongst these mechanisms.

The functional view modeling is done by employing the Structure Analysis approach that utilizes the National ITS Architecture’s Logical Architecture as the initial reference. The methodology is based on Hatley/Pirbhai’s work and entails Yourdon-Demarco Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) to demonstrate the data flows among the functional constituents (“Functional,” par. 3). For ARC-IT expedience, the diagrams are excluded, and the handler uses noticeable illustrations for graphical depictions of system functioning.

Functional Viewpoint

The functional viewpoint offers an evaluation of active metaphysical elements and their inductive connections. This distinguishes it from the transportations and tangible viewpoints, which concentrate on engineering issues regarding their implementation, allocation, information transmission mechanism, deployed protocols, and the utilized execution methodology (“Functional Viewpoint,” par. 1). The functional viewpoint requirements that are assigned to physical views active objects inform the participants entrusted with project advancement responsibility in an ITS undertaking. Such contributors may serve as application developers, service providers, or device designers. The functional view assists in addressing concerns on the required data type to effectuate a particular service and the needed functionality to accomplish specific utility.

The functional model makes use of integrated artifacts such as process, data flows, process specifications, and terminator. A process depicts an obligatory activity that is vital in supporting service package essentials. The most comprehensive or primitive processes are encompassed in process requirements (“Functional Viewpoint,” par. 2). Data fluxes denote the exhibitions of information drifting within processes or between an outward tangible item and a function in the realistic view. The aggregation and combining of data flow forms advanced fluxes of information in the actual perspective.

Further, the textual description of the most all-inclusive processes is referred to as process specification, often abbreviated as p-spec. The p-spec encompasses an array of operative necessities, an impression, and a full assortment of outputs and inputs (“Functional Viewpoint,” par. 3). Finally, the terminator is an extrinsic physical entity that epitomizes a system outside the frontiers of the architecture. Though a terminator may serve as a sink or source for data, the ARC-IT does not implicitly express any of the intrinsic features of a terminator.


Therefore, it may be delineated that the functional view demonstrates the processes for regulating and overseeing a system’s behavior, like monitoring and supplementary available control rudiments that describe the system’s dynamic performance. The functional view also dispenses operations following a top-down approach starting with the common progressions with further disintegration into more elaborate developments. For instance, the partaker may undertake a process to manage traffic and then decompose it into specified functionalities like provision of traffic surveillance and monitoring the use of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

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