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Functions of Management Paper Essay

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Management is the process of operating with individuals and resources to achieve organizational aims with efficiency and competence. The business world is dynamic and is characterized by a number of organizational changes, which calls for managers to be conversant in their work to maintain focus through embracing new approaches regarding planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Planning is identifying the goals to be accomplished while taking prior evaluation of the crucial steps that requires to be handled to accomplish these goals.

They entail examining current circumstances, foreseeing the future, shaping objectives, deciding on corporate policies, shaping the resources required to surface the company’s goals, and making the right decisions in what actions the firm needs to undertake. Planning awards strategic value which is described as the financial status attributed to the nature of the workforce in accomplishing the user’s desires.

The value becomes strategic when geared at achieving the set goals in an organization (Walker et al, 2009). My organization requires that evaluations be made on the ways of adding value, which not only develops personal potential but also augments performance, hence supplementing career skills.

For that reason, planning is required by chief executives to create and implement business policies. It is a continuous process where intelligence is employed through including all stakeholders’ views in cultivating and retaining competitive advantage in the dynamic business world as influenced by politics, globalization, and technological advancements.

Organizing is bringing together and coordinating the resources required accomplishing organization goals. This involves ways of drawing stakeholders in the organization, stating job accountability and categorizing it into work units, shepherding and allotting resources and creating a favorable environment for the workforce to attain maximum productivity.

Organizing is applied in my organization and aims at attaining a dynamic organization through recognition of business functions, initiating report dealings and forming a personnel department meant to handle the strategies, programs and other formalities. Organizing leads to flexibility and adaptability in the competitive business world through evolving human resource performance.

Leading is motivating individuals to become elevated performers through proper communications though personal interactions or as a group. It entails close interactions and teamwork while steering and stimulating people to attain organization goals.

Teamwork is a vital component of leadership, which managers cultivate to attain management skills in mobilizing individuals who reinforce their concepts and innovations (Walker et al, 2009). In my organization, motivation is vital in leadership to enhance the workforce productivity by encouraging teamwork and working on interpersonal interactions

Controlling is defined as being knowledgeable in monitoring and shifting performance in an organization. It coexists with planning, organizing and leading to accomplish the organization’s success. Other than ensuring proper use of resources, controlling also ensures that the firm is attaining safety and quality mission.

Through monitoring and using technological innovations, safety measures are maintained to ensure that the clients and workforce are safe. In my organization, it is essential to measure the standards of goods and services that customers consume to make sure they are free of any toxic contaminant through working in a clean certified environment.

Safety measures not only relieve the company of unnecessary litigation procedures but also help retain the company’s public image and reputation (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). Controlling ensures that company’s goals are attained as planned and helps make the needed alterations for business success.


It is clear that managers today are faced with the task of ensuring they are updated with various dynamic occurrences in the global market so as to maintain a competitive advantage. Using the four concepts in management helps to increase efficiency and mobilize talents for future undertakings.

Sufficient interest and resources should be devoted on the four concepts to realize paramount managerial skills without neglecting any of them.


Mathis, R. L. & Jackson, J. J. (2008). Human resource management. Boulevard Mason: Thomson Cengage Learning.

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