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Fundamentals of Administration in Education Essay

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Updated: Oct 17th, 2021


This paper contains matter related to the administrative setup of institutions, and the influence they have on students, parents, and teachers. It is essential to know the significance of an administrative system and the effects it has upon all related people. The impact of the administration on the students, the relations between parents and teachers, and the value of the teachers themselves, are all mentioned in the lines to follow.


In any institute, the administration prevailing is always playing an essential part in the imparting of education to the students. The relationships between teachers and students, or between parents and teachers, all indirectly affect the overall performances of students. However, everything happens for a reason, and whatever is occurring due to a reason is ultimately found to be the cause of some higher authority (Peirce, C., 1877). In this case, the authority is the administration.

Respecting and Listening to Teachers

The responsibilities of the administration of any institution include the respect of teachers. Teachers are the basic people both parents and students deal with. Students interact with parents daily and their positive attitudes and behaviour towards one another are of utmost importance in school. Similarly, parents and the rest of the staff prevalent in the institution should keep in mind the significance of the teachers and pay them their due respect, so that they may perform to the best of their abilities, which will result in better quality education and also a prestigious name to the institution (Oliva & Marshall, 2006).

Backing up Teachers When Controversy Arises between Parents and Teachers

Whenever there is an issue between parents and teachers, it is necessary for the teachers to have a back up for them, through the administration of the institution. If the institution is to keep its name and honour, it is essential to give the teachers full moral and ethical support in times of need, especially on dealing with parents. Parents who come to meet the teachers may all be of varying characters and personalities, and it is not an easy job dealing with such people all at the same time (Rodriguez & Rolle, 2007).

They may all react differently to whatever is going on in the institution, and its policies and their reactions are all taken out directly on the teachers. If the teachers start becoming nervous in dealing with harsh attitudes, then they need the backing of the administration to help them get out of states of confusion, which may in future affect their performance and input and output negatively.

Doing what is best for the Students

Every institution has the basic aim of doing whatever is best for the students enrolled in it. Students and teachers make up the institution. But the running heads are also significant in the upbringing of the name of the institute. The leaders of the specific institutes and the strategies they impose are very important aspects of the entire set up. The policies that are made for the institute are of fundamental importance, and the outcome of the institution and the standard that it possesses is affected by these factors (Oliva & Marshall, 2006). The running heads will always make such plans for their curriculum and other areas, which will directly benefit the students and their knowledge-gaining capabilities.

Their thought processes and the results they produce in turn will be enhanced through the setting up of various programs and activities, etc. the name of the institute will be renowned due to these plans and their outcomes, and credit will go to the administration in the end. Educational reforms also need to be made, regarding what the students should know of the cultural and environmental commons in the country (“Re-Conceptualizing the Mission of the University in an Era of Degraded Democracy and Environmental Crises”).


It can be clearly seen that everything has an equal reaction to it, and the same goes for the running of any institution, that whatever is achieved is through whatever efforts are put in for its attainment.


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