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Writing Fundamentals and Recommendations Essay

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Updated: May 11th, 2022


Any creative work requires preparation and, despite inspiration, appropriate skill training is necessary for the realization of conceived ideas. The process of writing good and interesting essays is the practice that reflects knowledge in the field of study and involves introducing various techniques, including the use of additional resources as justification for certain ideas. High-quality academic work is the result of a thorough assessment of the topic studied and material preparation.

The fundamentals of writing require compliance with a number of norms, and the key factors influencing the result of creative activity are applying relevant resources and describing those phenomena that are known to the author.

Writing Recommendations

In order to write interesting and informative texts, it is essential to analyze the necessary topic and carry out preliminary work, drawing up an essay plan and thinking through its structural components. Any work requires a clear format that will allow readers to perceive the specific material better and follow the proposed ideas. If an essay is presented in the form of a solid text without headings and divided into separate parts, it will cause difficulties in evaluating the writer’s ideas. Consistent presentation is the key to understanding authors’ thoughts and, as a result, the appreciation of the work done. As additional recommendations, work with academic literature and familiarity with a particular topic should be mentioned.

Work with Academic Literature

The search for relevant sources to justify specific ideas and use them as references is essential for any author. Quality academic work involves using proven theories and concepts, and in some cases, the evidence of certain facts is required. In order for additional resources to be relevant and plausible, it is significant to conduct a literature review and select those works that correspond to the chosen topic.

Moreover, one of the crucial criteria for evaluating sources is their age. Therefore, to obtain the most accurate statistical information and other data implying digital indicators, the use of outdated works is unacceptable. Resource searches may be performed either in special databases or manually. It is important to remember that any reference displayed in the text requires its mention on the corresponding essay page with its full description in accordance with a specific citation format. In this case, all the conventions of copyright will be respected.

Awareness of the Topic Described

One of the keys to quality writing is the understanding of the topic analyzed. In the process of work, authors may resort to additional literature, and if some aspects are incomprehensible, additional work can always be carried out to be aware of the material covered. Otherwise, there is a risk of confusion in terms and methodologies, which is fraught with semantic errors and the distortion of facts. Therefore, if the preparation of the material involves the assessment of unknown terms and concepts, it is extremely important to study them in order to avoid crucial mistakes.


Following the fundamentals of writing includes the observance of such aspects as additional literature analysis and the thorough study of the topic described. Any creative work implies preliminary preparation, and in case of a misunderstanding of a certain material, authors should study the background of the topic that they discuss and its features. Orientation in specific issues proves the writer’s competence and allows readers to grasp the ideas and suggestions that form the basis of a particular essay.

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