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Future Peace Situation in the World after Obama’s Reign Research Paper

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Updated: Nov 2nd, 2021


This paper intends to predict the events after Obama’s reign in office ends. There are high expectations on what will be of the world after his term comes to an end. The peace in the world will almost solely be determined by how he will deal with the issue of environment. It is too early to predict the direction he might take on most global issues taking note of his unpredictable approach to many issue as his press secretary, Robert Gibbs puts it [Obama’s style is to drop by an aide’s office—a restless man, he roams the White House corridors—or stop an aide in a hallway and ask, “How are you coming on that thing we were talking about?” Gibbs says, “The worst thing is not have an answer.” Asked what happens then, Gibbs replied, “He gets that disappointed parent look, and then you better go find an answer” (Drew,2009). Obama definitely does not regard the hierarchical protocol that has been worshipped by his predecessors!


The peace situation in the future is likely to be determined by the way Obama handles the environmental crisis that threatens the planet Earth. Tackling the future from this angle may look like it’s a long shot; and it is not. The harmony between man and the environment has for long dictated the status quo in very many aspects. After dealing with the global environment, other problems will sort themselves or be sorted easily as poverty, global economy, terrorism, global conflicts and many others. The effect on the environment is multifaceted; it dictates our relationship with neighbors, Mother Nature and the extraterrestrial bodies. Any imbalance in the environment triggers multiple reactions that affect the peace and harmony we enjoy.


Basically the factors that threaten environment today can be categorized as; pollution that comes as water, land and air, overexploitation as of minerals which are now facing extinction or the continued desertification of the globe. The scarcities of the resources make the human beings, animals and the large creation fight the little that is available. To show that the environment is a key factor to the survival of the human race we will analyze some points that will drive the point home, When it comes to the unpopular issue of the crisis in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama will need to come up with a workable solution that will bring overall peace and harmony, better relation and association with the world by the time his term is over, we might see the complete removal of all American and the Allied force from all conflict regions and let them rule themselves unconditionally. His objective should be to bring order in the Gulf and their neighbor across the Indian Ocean- Somali would greatly deter the actions of organized terror groups. How does this situation relate to the environment? The common denominator in all these conflicts is lack of resources. In the Gulf the economically viable resource is Petroleum; which is facing extinction and lacks in Afghanistan and Somalia. To come face to face with this problem he needs to address how these nations will survive after the petroleum is finished. In some quotas this issue is sensitive and meets a lot of hostility and sabotage by those who benefit from the trade; the oil multinational companies. Obama needs to address the issue of alternative-environment friendly sources of fuel. Also creation of alternative sources of economic empowerment is crucial to our future survival; this will alter their attention from hostility to prosperity.

It is evident that Obama will retain the cordial relationship with the European allies but only to a certain extent; this is to have allies beside him as other more radical powers China, N. Korea Pakistan and India surge to threaten the global peace with their nuclear enhancement. The environment nuclear management is a key issue in his peace endeavor. The relationship will definitely hit a snag once there is conflict of interest in certain issues as expresses by British Conservative MEP Syed Kamall in an interview with EUobserver. “He will need to play to an American audience, so the honeymoon in Europe will end once the interests of the US and the EU do not coincide,” Their conflict will be certainly fueled by interests in the Mid East, Africa and different alignment with friends and foes. Some EU nations are notorious in toxin waste in third worlds; this makes the silent voice react by attacking the West in their counties or abroad

He will need to improve the America overseas perceptive or environment that it is a friend, rather than antagonist or an oppressor. The world will be especially eager to see his political wit in bring lasting solution to Somali which borders his father’s land of origin Kenya. The earlier US administrations have ignorant of the plight of many nations who they do not gain from; their policy has been scratch me I scratch you, and then dump.

The nuclear issue is another problem that Obama’s reign will need to adequately handle. With the uncontrolled destruction of the environment; global warming, Ozone depletion and gradual extinction of wet lands and the depleting level of petroleum power, many countries will be compelled to turn to nuclear as source of power. This poses a threat to the human beings as the countries could join the once categorized group by George W. Bush as ‘axis of evil’ that currently is topped by N. Korea. The solution we look upon is replenishing of our natural resources and improvising safer nuclear utilization; only for power.

As many have said ‘Obama is the link between US and the rest of the world and a president to all’, we need to see him eradicating the terrorism problem in the world (Pop, 2009).His foreign policies should address the plight of foreign states especial those lingering in poverty, less endowed with resources and also change the stereotyping of religions; the environment existing between the haves and the havenots. He should see to it that all the terror detainees in Guantanamo Camp and other US satellite locations are both released and compensated in any means possible or prosecuted fairly. Compare the ration of terror detainees from Arabs, Africans versus European and American in Guantanamo Camp. The camp should be closed down and the aggression on suspects based on race, religion, origin or conviction is severed forever.

According to Drew 2009, his campaign and approach against the degradation of the environment should be apt, the able nations should stop dangerous emissions, aid the poor to reclaim the already arid lands, stop toxic disposal, and finally urge for non-stringed assistance to the third world. His legacy must stop the global warming and the extent of ozone layer depletion to safeguard the future generations.

Another nagging issue in the world today is the interaction and integration of science and, flora and fauna. He should guide the world soberly on issues as human clowning, abortion and associated research. The decision should impact the globe positively despite experiencing difference of opinions; he should remember is a president for all including the Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Buddhists and atheists.


The expectation is huge and his track will either set lasting peace and harmony among nation, among mankind and Mother Nature or will set the world on a fast destruction leading to extinction. The crucial issues that he must address are; nuclear powers, terrorism, global economy, environment degradation, US foreign policies among other internal issues facing majority of Americans as education, health among others.


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