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Global Crisis Team Members Essay

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Updated: Apr 28th, 2022

The global crisis team members include; Christine LaGarde, Warren Buffet, & Colin Powell. These are people from various parts of the world who play major roles in the world economy. For example, Colin Powell is an American politician who has experience in military leadership.

Having led the American army for many years, he has the required experience to advise the president on global economic crisis. In fact, Colin can contribute to solutions since he might have experienced most situations during his term in the army (Shiller, 2008).

This means that he might have learnt about economic hardships while serving outside America hence remaining the best equipped with economic information in the team.

Inclusion of Powell in the team is extremely crucial because based on his background he might explain some of the implications of global economic crisis to the military. In fact, this is vital because the team will have to look at the impacts of global economic crisis to national and international security.

The military needs to be supplied with the necessary equipment in order to carry out their mandate effectively. In addition, as the government advisor on security matters, Powell can give pertinent information to the team regarding effects of the economy to security.

Christine LaGarde is a lawyer by profession and the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. She was considered to be a team member due to her long service to the French government in various ministries. The fact that she is currently managing the International Monetary Fund makes her the source of the latest information regarding what is happening in the globe in terms of economies.

This means that she has the insights of every development in the world since she heads the institution that helps states in the world to facilitate their projects (Savona, Kirton and Oldani, 2011). She was included in the team because of her experience in several government institutions.

Having been a minister in several ministries; Christine can help the team with information regarding impacts of global economic crisis to various governmental institutions. In fact, having her in the team will lead to an inclusive report that highlights on finances both within and outside the national boundaries.

She can be of help since she manages the institution that lends money to countries badly hit by the economic crisis in the world. This can guide the president on the possible states he can consider assisting. This means that the team will help the government in coming up with a strategy that can help various states to cope with global economic crisis.

Warren Buffett is an American investor, and can help the team a lot in matters that affect the world economically (Brown, 2010). Since he has been in the business world for long, Warren stands a better chance of helping the team with first-hand information regarding global economic crisis.

As an investor, Warren must have experienced various economic conditions and situations in the globe and their implications to businesses and other forms of investments. In fact, he will represent investors in the team hence helping the team in winning the credibility of its audience.

This is because sectors involved in the economy of any state will be represented hence leading to development of an inclusive report on the global crisis. Inclusion of Warren in the team is particularly valuable because he has been in the business for extraordinarily long. This means that he has experienced economic crisis in the world hence putting him at a position of giving a lot of information.

In fact, he can narrate to the team on his experiences with the economic crisis. This information can be crucial for the government in the future prevention of crisis. If negligence from part of the government caused a crisis in the world, then they should be careful in the future to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

These three members can play vital roles in turning the global economy because they have the mandate of causing changes in the economy. For example, Colin Powell can ensure that all security measures taken by the government is for the good of everyone in the world.

This means that the American government should not use its security powers for selfish gains but for the sake of the world. Christine can use her office in a manner to ensure that only the needy states get necessary assistance.

She should come up with monetary policies aimed at ensuring that global economic crisis is contained (Taylor and Weerapana, 2009). Finally, Warren can play a role by ensuring that he fights for other investors. This means that the government should come up with investment policies that protect and empowers investors. This will encourage investments and eventually help in curbing global economic crisis.

Team members are experienced personnel hence having the ability to tackle the issue properly. Secondly, all represents various sectors of the economy hence covering the entire departments run by the governments in the world.

However, some members lack exposure. For example, Colin has inadequate exposure to the world since he worked for the American army. Therefore, his advice might be limited to America only hence ending up unable to advice on international economies.


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