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Gone with the Wind Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Jul 20th, 2020

Gone with the Wind is a captivating love story that is set in the civil war era in America, which is a re-enactment of a literal work by the same name. It is based on a novel by Margaret Mitchell, which was transformed into a block buster movie in the World War II epoch, courtesy of Selznick’s meticulous interpretation and impeccable casting.

Incidentally, Selznick managed to turn the slightly over one thousand page novel, into a two hundred minute delightful epic film, that has hitherto been tirelessly watched by various audiences, over myriad times all over the world.

The movie revolves around scarlet O’Hara, who is the daughter of a mogul by the name of Gerald O’Hara, the custodian of cotton plantation. Scarlet is depicted to be in a clandestine relationship with Ashley Wilkes, who is also a plantation owner in the same area, but the affair is complicated by virtue of Ashley being in a formal relationship with Melanie.

The events take place at Twelve Oaks, which is the name of the plantation where the engagement of Ashley to Melanie is to be announced, during a party at the Wilkes residence. Seemingly, during the party a gentleman by the name of Rhett Butler, notices Scarlet and is smitten with her but is perceived to be impulsive by everyone, due to his controversial stand on the war.

As everyone takes an afternoon nap after the partying, Scarlet secretly meets Ashley in the library but their intimate conversation is overheard by Rhett, but he promises Scarlet to keep their affair a secret.

In the course of their conversation, the start of the war is announced and all the men enlist for the war, including Charles who is Ashley’s brother. Charles proposes to Scarlett despite Scarlett not loving him before he goes out to war, but dies of pneumonia in the battle field. Rhett eventually makes attempts to win Scarlet’s heart but fails, especially after Melanie’s death and her wish of Scarlet to take care of Ashley.

Open house is a horror movie that features Adrienne Barbeau and Joseph Bottoms, as the main cast members of the 1987 film. It is a typical grizzly film that involves a lot of blood spill, which pivots around the real estate market. Murders take place in homes, where buyers of property go to view houses they intend to purchase.

For the most part, the victims are the real estate agents who are targeted by the murderous maniac, who has the nerve to call a local radio station that is hosted by a psychologist.

The movie in its first scenes showcases a body that is grossly decomposing, with worms crawling out of it and the real estate agent in the bathroom where the corpse is situated, shouting her voice hoarse on with terror. This scene sets precedence for more killings and nudity.

Furthermore, Barbeau’ s character in the movie is contrasted with that of a rotund and chauvinist real estate agent, who litters houses with dog food to attract insects, so that he can put off potential clients and fetch lower prices for the houses. The impetus for murder in the movie is the desire to stop clients from purchasing houses.

In the end the maniac is finally killed, bringing a halt to the spate of murders. The police are finally relieved when they catch up with the psychotic killer, bringing an end to the panic by the public. The movie according to critics is seen to be an overrated film, with limited blood spill and a wanting script, not to mention the bad editing. Open house can make a good movie for entertainment on a weekend, although like all horror films it is only tailored for an adult audience.

Life as a house is a 2001 movie that stars Kevin Klein, depicted as a man who decides to build his dream house once he finds out that he is terminally ill. Ironically, the movie derives its name from the house, which is seen to adequately spell out Klein’s life long ambition. Additionally, he also strives to fix his relationship with his ex- wife and son.

Klein seeks to get help from his son whose life is full of clutter, to help him build his dream house. Seemingly, the movie tells the story of an affluent family and a man who is going through what can be best termed as a midlife crisis.

The movie is seen to strike a chord with the general audience, because it candidly illustrates what the typical American family goes through. A messy divorce whose aftermath is a son who is wayward.

Klein is portrayed as a father whose career as an architect and marriage seem to have gone haywire, and has to contend with the bad news about his demise that is just a few months away. He struggles to make a bold statement about his dented image by building his dream house, and patching up things with his ex- wife.

This movie arguably emphasizes the role of a patriarch in the American society, and gives the audience inspiration and hope. The movie features some romance and action, but it is a film that is easy to follow with a simple and understandable plot. It gives life to the saying; there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A departure from the conventional action movies that Hollywood produces, enabled this movie receive an Audience-Award in the Aspen –Filmfest of 2001.

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