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Guardians Gardens Orphanage Case Study

Guardians Gardens Orphanage must implement effective and competitive strategies to become outstanding. This can be facilitated by building client trust on care and adoption issues. First, it is not possible for the people to adopt/take children from/to untrustworthy organizations. Essentially, churches, governmental organizations, and some private sectors are taking roles in this area.

This implies that competition is not only a factor to consider, but also a vital element for the orphanage care which demands close compliances with the human rights. In order to make achievements, the marketing department of this organization needs to adopt successful strategies developed by their competitors into its own model. For instance, the recommendations from the religious group to orphanages facilitate an increased number of children and efficient routes of accessing the adopters and children.

Furthermore, these groups provide support from the public in order to fund the hospitals taking care of the orphans and neglected children. At the time of the Indian massacre at Natchez, many orphanages were established including the Anglican Reverend George Whitefield, and Sulzberger orphanage among the others (Orphanages, 2014).

There are various primary competitors since several institutions perform similar roles within Washington. They compete through building trust to the public and churches in order to attract the interested parties. These competitors can be exemplified by the following institutions:

  1. Throneroom Orphanage and Edctnl;
  2. B & E Residential Youth Service.

On the other hand, the secondary competitors include the preschools and childcare services that take care of children. They do not provide similar services as the Guardians Gardens but their services affect its intakes. These institutions compete through offering places for children to learn as practiced by the Kids Village Learning Center and the Child center. For instance, they engage children in physical exercises through establishing sporting center. The list below contains such competing institutions as:

  1. Solutions, PLLC;
  2. Kids village learning center;
  3. Child Center;
  4. Community Child development center;
  5. Owl School;
  6. Combined Federal Agencies.

Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses

The listed primary competitors are quite popular within the region where they have gained trust from the people. They have been established and equipped properly with various resources, such as swimming pools, educational, and other recreational facilities. The most pertinent weakness of these institutions is the inability to enroll all the children seeking help due to their low carrying capacity. In this regard, the establishing orphanages have an opportunity to exploit in this industry.

The secondary competitors are equipped with resources and manpower to take care of all the children. They receive children from parents who are occupied with other activities, such as work. Therefore, their intake can be high since they do not offer long-term care. However, the child care centers are many raising the competitiveness of these businesses.

Guardians Gardens can establish strategies to reach these children and treat their illnesses as a measure of quality care that boosts their competitiveness. Furthermore, the preferences of families in regard to caring for the children differ according to housing, ethnicity, religion, gender, and academic ability (Orphanages, 2008). Besides, it has been noted that the lack of a single model on progressive adoptions creates an opportunity for competition since many people strive to give their children a credible education.

Advantages of primary and secondary competition

The children raised initially through confined care units have serious problems adjusting within the society. On the other hand, the children raised in supportive family environments like Guardians Gardens attain standard qualification for adulthood, parenthood and participate in various professions. Competitive children have opportunities to attain scholarships from non-governmental organizations.

Some orphanage organizations offer some training programs to the children. Guardians Gardens can train children different skills, such as sewing to the girls and plumbing, steam fitting, sign painting, bricklaying, and masonry to the boys. This emerging business teaches mechanical and agricultural skills to orphans and other vulnerable children in the United States (Our Mission, 2008).

Guardians Gardens and other communities should modify their planning strategies to fit the modern-orphanage setup. The other emerging orphanage homes include Minneapolis, Minnesota (Mary’s House), and Sonoma children’s homes.


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