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Healthcare Facility Reorganization Proposal Essay


Persuasive Proposal

As an operations manager, I have recognized inefficiencies in the practice that can only be addressed by Physician Partners. Due to increased clientele for the practice, I propose that the organization reorganize its current staff roles. Current employees are given new mandates that will perfectly match their expertise. In addition to this, I also propose that the organization hires three new employees.

This is because the current staff is overwhelmed by the current flow of clients. This high rate of client inflow to the health care center has been aided by the excellent repute that the organization has earned over time. The new clients have also widened the traditional needs of this practice as they require diverse sets of services.

The reorganization of staff will ensure maximum output per person by reducing bottlenecks and duplication of duties. This will further enable the healthcare practice to efficiently meet client needs and maintain its reputation of being an effective service provider. With a higher amount of staff, the organization will achieve improved service delivery that will translate to increased human traffic flow. This increase in the number of clients is highly appreciated as the organization’s long-term goal is to be a high-quality service provider. However, this can only be achieved with quality and efficient services; hence, the need to reorganize human resource approaches in the organization.

As far as costs are concerned, the proposal will lead to a cost increase due to increased staff. However, this will be cautioned by economies of scale in the sense that the increased number of clients will lead to additional revenue against constant fixed costs such as rent and other overhead expenses. As the operations manager, I feel that I can recognize these inefficiencies and recommend the above proposal. The problem to be addressed is evident, and feedback is expected as soon as possible for further deliberations.

Method and Structure Used in the Above Proposal

In writing a persuasive proposal, it is essential to understand its intended purpose. As noted by Sant (2004), it is also important to recognize the target audience. In this case, I have acknowledged the target audience as the practice partners and other decision-makers in the health care practice. These are relevant stakeholders who can have an impact on the proposal if accepted. I have also recognized the intention of writing this proposal and the needs to be addressed by the proposal.

It is also essential to give a problem statement and why the proposal seeks to address the stated problem. A proposal writer should be as specific as possible to provide a narrow scope of the problem. This is particularly important so that all the recommendations made would address the problem in a particular way. In this case, I have stated the problem as being the current staff policy and the prevailing situation in the health care practice. I have also explicitly stated the effects of the problem and how the proposal, if adopted by the practice partners, will solve it.

According to Miner & Miner (2008), a proposal writer needs to express their knowledge in the subject matter. The in-depth understanding of the proposed matter gives the intended reader confidence in the writer’s work, which boosts the chances for successful adoption. In this regard, I have expressed my understanding of the practice by recognizing its strength and opportunities in the city’s health care industry. I have further recognized the weaknesses in the health care service delivery and identified the threats posed to the long-term goals.

According to Pier (2004), a proposal writer should inform the target person of the repercussions of not addressing the stated problem with urgency. According to Miner & Miner (2008), this is done by indicating the effects of the problem on the organization’s goals. To address this aspect of proposal writing, I have recognized the practice goals, how far they have been achieved, and expressed the threats posed by the stated problem. There is also an indication of the expected expense that will be incurred with the approval of the proposal.

Lastly, a proposal writer needs to indicate his or her qualifications. According to Sant (2004), this is achieved by describing personal or organization’s expertise regarding the problem at hand and how this knowledge is relevant in suggesting possible solutions. Sometimes, one should give brief biographies of organization directors and the team members who are supposed to deal with the proposed problem. It is also important that time limits are given to indicate the urgency of the proposal. Regarding this, I have indicated my qualifications and how these qualifications help in understanding the ills of the health care industry. There is also an expression of urgency to indicate a specific time limit to avoid unnecessary delays in the implementation stage.


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