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Hitler’s Life: Five Dates From His Life Essay

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January 30, 1933 – Hitler Became the Fuhrer

A year before, there was a great deal of confusion among the various government agencies that were supposed to manage and govern Germany. It was a sign of weakness, the very thing that I had predicted in my public speeches. I told the German people that they could no longer trust a government that sold out to the enemy at the end of the Great War.

I was compelled to take a stand or else foreign armies and foreign governments are going to carve up the fatherland. I speak with authority on this subject matter, because lands are being annexed left and right immediately after the failed war effort. I need to make a stand. In the preceding years, it was made clear to me that aside from the puppet masters in Great Britain and France, the influential leaders that are trying to exploit the weakness of the German government, there exists a subtle attack from within. It comes in the form of a twisted ideology. Communists are trying to destroy this country from the inside. I am justified in creating the Nazi Party. It is the only hope of the fatherland, the chance to resurrect the nation from the ashes of defeat. I am going to lead this group through the assistance of the children of the Aryan Race.

It was a great relief for me, and I was overjoyed when President Paul von Hindenburg spoke out my name and linked it forevermore to the term of “fuhrer” because by doing so, he had anointed me to become the leader over all the German people. Through that simple gesture, Hindenburg transformed me from an ordinary politician into the embodiment of the German’s people political will (Adolf Hitler). Before the election, I made a vow to my countrymen that if I will be chosen as their ultimate leader, I promised to end all forms of political bickering, because this is not the time for caution or indecisive leadership. My party and my band of dedicated followers had been given the mandate to change things for the better. This country is no longer the laughingstock of Europe. It is time to make Germany great again.

June 30, 1934 – Night of the Long Knives

I cannot say that I regretted the creation of the Sturmabteilung, the German Assault Division, more popularly known as the Storm Troopers. I cannot make that call, because in my heart of hearts I knew that I owe a great debt of gratitude to them. If not for the help of the Storm Troopers, it is hard to imagine how I could have been persuasive in the eyes of the German elites. It was the SA that gave me the edge during one of the darkest moments in German history. I have to make it clear that the SA was the critical factor in getting me elected into the highest seat of power. However, the authority that I delegated to the SA had gone straight into the head of some of the leaders. I am both sad and angry that these leaders who once swore allegiance to me are now plotting something sinister. Furthermore, I find it harder each day to rein in the SA. I no longer trust Ernst Rohm to lead this group.

Several days earlier I had secret meetings with the top leaders of the Schutzstaffel or Germany’s Protective Echelon to carry out a purge of the SA leadership. I received reports that they were successful in assassinating at least a dozen rogue leaders of the SA including Ernst Rohm (Night of the Long Knives). From this day forward, the SA will no longer play a critical role in nation-building. From this moment on, all the security requirements of the Nazi Party are going to be fulfilled by the able leadership of the SS. I am also considering the use of the SS as the primary law enforcement arm of the state and the Nazi Party.

November 10, 1938 – Kristallnacht or Night of Crystal

I have not been remiss in my duty warning the German people about the Jews. They are the worst kind. I cannot stand the thought of them mixing their blood with the pure genes of the Aryan Race. I cannot bear the thought of them living in my country. I cringe at the thought that I have them as neighbors. As I have written in my manifesto, they are unkempt and deceitful people. They are men and women of questionable character. Someday I will be able to come up with a perfect solution to the Jewish question.

The internal cleansing of my homeland from the filthy influence of the Jewish people had started in earnest a few weeks ago. Thousands of Polish Jews were expelled from this country. However, I was surprised by the reaction of the Jewish community in Paris. One of their own, a teenager named Herschel Grynszpan dared to shoot and murder Ernst vom Rath, a German embassy official stationed in Paris, France (Kristallnacht).

I need not order the SA or the SS to retaliate. The people are already disgusted with the Jews, and this violent incident involving a diplomat easily ignited the fury of the poor German people. I heard the news of fierce reprisals against the remaining Jewish communities in Germany and Austria. Ordinary citizens were enraged by the news of the assassination of the said embassy official. Therefore, ordinary citizens went out of their way to destroy Jewish-owned businesses.

I also received reports that broken glasses lined up the streets. These chards of glass came from the broken windows of Jewish homes, synagogues, and shops. I asked for clarifications as to what triggered the spontaneous response of the citizens. I was told that it all started when Joseph Goebbels made a speech in front of an assembly comprised of soldiers, supporters, party members, and old friends in Munich. People were enraptured by Goebbels speech, and that was the reason for the spontaneous expressions of outrage. I hope that this type of sentiment snowballs into something that makes it easier to once and for all eliminate the Jews from both Germany and Europe.

September 1, 1939 – Nazi Germany Invaded Poland

I condemned the attacks that were made against the Silesian city located in Gleiwitz. It was an unprovoked attack. Various witnesses positively identified Polish soldiers crossing the border a few days earlier to lay siege to the city. I had no clue as to the real motives of the perpetrators of the said violent act; however, it was clear that they were targeting the city’s radio station.

I am now the Chancellor of the German government, and I am compelled to devise an appropriate response. After careful consideration, the best course of action is to meet force with force (NYT’s The Learning Network). I made a directive to the German army prefacing my command with the statement that the rationale for all military actions from this day forward is nothing more than the need to assert our independence and the right to defend the fatherland from all forms of foreign invasion.

I approved to implementation of a battle strategy called the “blitzkrieg” or a lightning attack that calls for the rapid deployment of troops. The early reports were encouraging enough. I was told that the enemy forces suffered thousands of casualties. Poland’s standing army, which numbered more than half a million was no match for the fast-paced movement of the German troops. The enemy’s defense systems were overwhelmed by the speed and the quality of the troops that were deployed behind enemy lines.

I hope that the whole world recognizes the rejuvenated power of the German army. I hope that our opponents are quaking in fear. I am confident that the enemy of the German people are going to think twice before they try to trifle with the members of the Aryan Race.

April 30, 1945

How did it come to this point? Three years ago I had the world under my boots. My blitzkrieg attacks in Poland, France, and Africa sent tremors all over the world. My forces pounded London and brought the city to her knees. A few years before that glorious event, the French army surrendered without a fight. I was better than Napoleon Bonaparte, my range went beyond the borders of this continent and my influence reached Asia.

From a strategic standpoint, if I am given another chance to rebuild the Third Reich, I am going to do things differently. I will still follow the same path I took to the heights of power and glory. However, my major adjustments will be the way I treated the Russians and the Americans. I underestimated their capability because I focused a significant portion of my energy and military resources on defeating France and Great Britain. I did not give much thought to the capabilities of the other armies.

I received reports that the Russian army was able to breach the gates of Germany and the American forces are not far behind. In a few hours, this bunker is not going to provide the necessary protection.

I cannot be humiliated in front of a kangaroo court. I cannot be humiliated in front of a firing squad or exposed as a common criminal hanging by the gallows. I am the master of my fate. I refuse to let Stalin or Truman control my destiny.

My final orders to my loyal lieutenants are to make sure that I am dead after ingesting the cyanide capsules and to dispose of my body in the most appropriate manner (Rothman). I gave strict instructions to cremate my body. I plan to take a couple of cyanide capsules, but I will not wait for it to take effect. I am going to use my sidearm to end it all.

It was a glorious run starting in the 1920s. My greatest pride and joy was the creation of the Nazi Party. I regret that I was not able to deliver my promise of a thousand-year reign for the Aryan Race. I regret that I was not able to facilitate the ultimate solution to the Jewish question. However, Europe will know that I tried my best.

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