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Home Style Cookies Essay

The cookies are made using two ovens. Production is through the batch system. Management uses orders from distributors for scheduling of production. Once the list of desired cookies has been delivered, information showing the ingredients is fed into a computer which then comes up with their desired quantities. This information is relayed to silos which are storage for ingredients like sugar and flour. Automatic release of ingredients into machines for mixing is done.

Here, combination with water, flavorings and eggs takes place. Pouring of the resultant batter is then done into a machine which cuts it as desired. A conveyor belt transports the cookies through an oven. Cookies requiring fillings like dates, raspberries and apples need to undergo the step of filling which is followed by folding. Once baked, cookies are placed on racks for them to cool. Packaging is done manually but wrapping, sealing as well as labeling is automatic (Stevenson, 2009).

Productivity was increased by cutting the cookies that do not require filling on the diagonal as opposed to round. An additional twenty five feet was also put on the oven lengths. Increase of oven lengths meant increased rates in output. This is because more cookies could be baked at a go (Stevenson, 2009).

The company made a correct decision by not automating cookie packaging. This is because manual packaging enables selection of quality cookies and separation of the broken cookies. Workers will be able to notice if mixing of ingredients was correctly done by looking at the cookies.

This way, low quality products will not leak into the market. The company is obliged to ensure that employees wear protective clothing to avoid burns and injuries when carrying out their duties. Safety measures like fire alarms and exits need to be put in place. The company should insure its employees and carry out proper training to reduce risk of injury. The company’s obligation to community is to ensure that the environment is not polluted in any manner by its activities.

The town’s size matters as it determines rate of consumption. If the company was in a bigger town, it would mean stiffer competition. The company’s size also matters. If the company were larger, it would mean increased volumes in production. More varieties in the product would also be incorporated (Stevenson, 2009).

Short shelf life of goods and changes in FDA requirements make the company do some inventories at the minimum. This ensures there is no wastage in form of expired cookies of labels that are unusable. Wastage of water and cleaning time is also reduced by ensuring cookies of light colors are baked before the darker ones (Stevenson, 2009).

Quality cookies are those that are well packaged with the label showing clearly the ingredients used as well as production and expiry dates. Seals should be intact. They should not be broken and the flavor should be clearly indicated. Packaging should be clean and it should give the address of the manufacturer in case one has a comment, query or complaint (Stevenson, 2009).

Not using preservatives means that the company is dedicated to providing fresh products to the consumer. It is also good because some people may react to preservatives. The disadvantage is that should consumption not go at high rates, there could be losses in the form of expired goods (Stevenson, 2009).

The company has the strategy of targeting a particular group of people by making soft cookies. Not using preservatives is also another strategy. Many people are conscious about good health and will therefore opt for the products without preservatives. A certain degree of manual work ensures that the company creates employment. This way, its maintaining is corporate social responsibility to the community (Stevenson, 2009).


Stevenson, W.J. (2009). Operations management (10th Ed). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin.

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