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Homeland Security Strategies Essay


The terrorist attack on the United States in September 11th 2001 called for the image of a secure homeland for nations all over the world. Several plans were put into place to outline different visions and missions in the Department’s Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. The latter has established a uniform security framework all over the world.

The amount of tax generated from both local and international sources has been used to cater for security need of the American public. The department has also been able to perform its functions due to regular cooperation from the federal, state and local governments.

An overview of the subject

The homeland security enterprise has made significant progress in ensuring the security of the American people from terrorism and other threats. Therefore, with regards to the economic, social and legal aspects, the homeland security enterprise works hand in hand with the Department of Homeland Security in order to come up with an integrated strategic framework.

Security has been improved tremendously by the department of homeland security. For instance, myriads of strategies such as monitoring the cyberspace, protecting the territorial borders and strengthening the current laws on immigration have yielded positive results.

In addition, there is comprehensive coordination in ensuring resilience to disasters, providing essential support to National and Economic Security and finally working through different goals and objectives to ascertain a mature and strengthened initiative (Bush, 2009).


First of all, in order to effectively prevent terrorist attacks, the enterprise has set up objectives by understanding the possible threats, stopping and disrupting any form of operations and protecting potential targets against the capabilities of being attacked. This is given a strong support from the neighboring communities who participate fully to stop malicious attacks and violence.

Secondly, once the potential culprits including the terrorists have been identified, the movement of these materials is controlled and the malicious actors are stopped from acquisition or use of these chemicals and materials within the United States (Friel, 2002). Moreover, the key sectors participate fully to reduce the State’s vulnerability against disruption.

The homeland security enterprise ensures security by preventing terrorist attacks which is reinforced by preventing the illegal acquisition, importation or use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials within the United States.

Security is also enhanced by reducing threats and vulnerability of critical infrastructures and essential leadership. This has been proved effective with the cooperation from the international partners across the federal, state and local governments (U.S. House Committee on Government Reform, 2004).

It is also interesting to note that the movement of people and goods in the process of carrying out trading activities has indeed exposed the country into several threats. It is against this backdrop that the department of homeland security has put up strategies that govern legalized movement of people and goods. This strategy has proved to be effective.

Besides, organized groups that have been conducting illegal trade have been done away with in the recent past. This is done hand in hand by disrupting illicit pathways that are used by the organizations of the terrorists and criminals as well.

The need to reinforce the current immigration laws has been one of the top agendas for the department of homeland security. This strategy ensures and promotes lawful immigration. Furthermore, it is emphasizes the need of identifying and doing away with criminal aliens who threaten public safety and target the employers who frequently and intentionally break the law (Department of Homeland Security, 2012).

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the aforementioned strategies, the department communicates with the public on the services offered and the procedures to be followed in order to create a user friendly system that ensures impartial and prompt decisions.

This strategy also facilitates the integration of foreigners into the American society which eventually promotes positive relationships. This helps in minimizing frauds, abuse, exploitation and prosecution of unauthorized foreign nationals.

Besides, there is need to create a safe and secure cyber ecosystem. This is done by ensuring that malicious actors are not in a position to extensively exploit the cyber space. It is also important to create awareness on the possible challenges that may be encountered as a result of modern knowledge and technological innovations.

The cyber networks can be protected against all kinds of threats if professionalism is improved when delivering services to clients. On the other hand, the department ensures that all levels and segments of the society are engaged in improving their levels of preparedness. This is done at the individual, family and community level to strengthen the core capabilities and ensure an effective response to catastrophes (Brook & Cynthia, 2007).

It is also worthy to mention that the United States government ensures that there is adequate revenue obtained from general taxation so that the working environments as well as the intellectual property rights are safeguarded.

The import and export controls are also enforced to support the marine environment and also conduct and support other law enforcement activities. The homeland security provides specialized national defense capabilities by providing ready forces to support defense missions and post conflict reconstruction and stabilization.


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