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How Doctors Die and Why It’s Different Essay

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Updated: May 6th, 2022

Doctors play a crucial role in spending their lives trying to have the patients better. Just like any other human being, doctors too die, but they do not die like any other person. This is because, when they have a terminal illness, they receive more treatments compared to anyone else. Also, doctors know exactly what can crop up to them in case of any illness. They know the convenient choices for them since they are privileged to have access to any medical care of their choice.

It is a fact that no doctors want to die. The issue is that they know a lot about modern medicine to the extent that they know when the medicine will not work. Doctors know much about death, and they are aware that among the fears that people face before death is the fear of dying in pain and dying alone. They always want to talk to their families about what could happen just to encourage them not to be afraid since life must have an end.

All doctors have had a chance at one point to see futile care performed on people. Most doctors feel like the process of sustaining a life in the intensive care unit is worse than away a terrorist could be treated. Most of them would rather die than be injected with perforated tubes. They hate being hooked up to machines when they know that they cannot be able to sustain life. Most of them would need their colleagues to help them end their lives.

Doctors think that giving patients care and medicine that makes them endure is not good. Even though physicians were trained to collect information in private, they sometimes end up revealing the information to their colleagues. Most doctors have a high rate of alcohol abuse and depression than any of the other employees in any field. This is because of the difficulties that they face on a daily occasion as they try to care for patients in critical conditions. This is why doctors have to administer a lot of care to patients that they do not think would have been necessary.

Patients play a prominent role in causing depression to doctors. For example, in a situation, where a patient is admitted to an emergency room and is in a critical condition, the scared family members sometimes overwhelm doctors. They end up caught in a mixed situation where they have to make choices. Doctors need to do all they can to save lives. In everyday life, doctors find themselves in situations that they do not have control over.

Most of the time they end up in unrealistic situations and they need to save a life. In the case of impossibilities, and when the worst happens, doctors feel that they are to blame for the deaths. Most doctors do not advocate for the use of the CPR method of remedy in terminal illness (Hanson, 67). This is because there is more pain that the patient will go through after its use than the point of not using it. They believe that poor knowledge of something, in addition to misguided expectation from the family members have for a long time led to poor decisions. However, not all patients are to blame for this. Most of the doctors play a significant role in enabling it.

This is sad because even the doctors, who do not want to administer the CPR method, have to find an alternative way of fulfilling the wishes of close relatives, as well as the desires of the patient. In an emergency room, the doctors need to establish a lot of trust from the family members, who have entrusted their patients to them. Most people like to believe that all the doctors are acting out of their best motive. This is to save money, time, and resources. Most doctors choose to do little to ensure that they get little feedback and for the family members not to think that they are not willing to save lives.

Most patients have wishes that most doctors find it difficult to uphold. For example, if a patient is suffering from a terminal illness, they sometimes wish that someone would end life for them to reduce the agony that they feel. Most of the nurses might want to ignore their wishes, which makes most of the patients feel as if they are having their worst nightmare.

In conclusion, most of the doctors do not over-treat themselves. This is especially if they are aware that the treatment will not provide any improvements to their health. They tend to think that everyone can find the chance to die in peace without the agony of pain. Hospice care is set to provide care to patients having terminal illnesses. Surprisingly, studies have indicated that patients who are put up in hospice care tend to live for a longer time than patients who go out actively to look for medical attention.

This is because hospice care provides patients with better care in their last days on earth. Therefore, most of the doctors would like to die in the comfort of their bed.

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