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How Inclusion Impacts Autistic Children? Essay (Article)

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Updated: Jul 1st, 2020

Topic Description

Church (2009) describes autism as a neural disorder characterized by the problems in socialization and communication. Statistics have indicated that 1% of the children around the globe are subjected to such conditions as Aspergers Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Church, 2009). These children show a particular malfunction in the continuous processing and delivery of information. In this regard, the resultant speech and attention pose great problems during interactions with other people due to their failure to understand the affected children.

According to DeVore and Russell (2007), inclusion is an educational approach that pays attention to maximum interaction between the disabled and non-disabled students during their training periods. Several researchers have supported the idea that exclusion of these children might deny them the opportunity to live and interact freely with other people (DeVore and Russell 2007; Church, 2009). Furthermore, the normalization theory advocates for the creation, support, and defense of the social attributes of the individuals with disabilities.

On the other hand, other researchers argue that inclusion not only places autistic children under unsatisfactory care, but also deprives the non-disabled learners the opportunity to receive fulltime instructions without interruptions from the learners with special needs (Foster & Pearson, 2012). Technically, these arguments present an evident debate regarding the appropriateness of inclusion for autistic children. In a bid to form a solid solution to these contentions, there are various assessments and research investigations that can be conducted. The outcomes will be essential to the pedagogical models of teaching adopted by the instructors during inclusion or exclusion. Therefore, the topic will determine the positive or negative influences of inclusion to autistic children.

Topic Significance in the Field of Special Education

The affected individuals are known to avoid eye contact, pay less attention to external environment, respond abnormally through stammering in conversations, and failure to reveal their emotions appropriately (Reiter & Vitany, 2010). Essentially, these behaviors make the children with autism experience several challenges when participating in such activities as learning and interacting. These challenges are exemplified by reduced competence in social skills and cognitive performance.

However, strategies have been established to assist the affected children by maximizing their interaction and education potentials. Furthermore, there are various legislations initiated to recognize and respect the personalities of the learners with disabilities. The future capabilities of these children are influenced significantly by the learning strategies, which must be addressed to nurture the learners properly. Moreover, it is essential to determine whether the learning process deprives the children an appropriate learning environment.

Topic Choice for Future Study

The promotion and protection of learners’ abilities are imperative to all specialists seeking for professionalism in special education (Foster & Pearson, 2012). It is not only necessary to understand the effects of inclusion on autistic children, but also pertinent to establish the basis for the special-education teaching methodologies that include the prevention of the unfavorable ways. This will reduce the cases of time wastage, improve the perceptions of learning due to adequate attention, raise performance, and allow the disabled learners to access the rightful education.

It is also possible that the inclusion will improve the learning capabilities of autistic children implying that the teachers can instruct them easily. In fact, this problem will trigger other professionals to research and find better solutions, as well as answer to various issues related to special education and autism. The recent developments in inclusion show that there is hope for its development in the future (Foster & Pearson 2012). Therefore, this implies that the impacts of inclusion on autistic children can be productive and thus essential.


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