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Human Relations as Interactions in the Social Environment Research Paper


Human Relations (HR) is a study that deals with the ideologies of interpersonal interaction in a social setting. HR is implemented in educational institutions as well as organizations in grouping development, thus resulting in interpersonal relations. In a school setting, teachers and learners socialize with the management, peers, as well as parents. The ability to converse is the main key feature of human relations. Ineffective communication results in strained relationships among people. A valuable interpersonal relationship is put into the effect using five main concepts. The paper analyzes these five major concepts that promote healthy ties in social institutions (Ferner, Edwards, & Tempel, 2012).

Concepts and theories promoting healthy communication in social institutions

Any course of fieldwork in a graduate specialized training uses a certain feature of HR ideologies. In some cases, there is a limited application of these concepts at a subsidiary level. It is reasonable to state that confidence competence and growth of skills rely solely on human relationships that exist. Industrial and military research has proved that HR requires training. The vital aspect of socialization in the human race is the capacity to communicate effectively which requires consciousness or knowledge by an individual. It is difficult for a person to have relationships with other people if one does not appreciate oneself. A satisfactory self-concept emanates from identifying one value, moral principles, and beliefs in that one cannot compromise the personal ideologies.

Human association’s skills develop from interpersonal skills. This is the aptitude to work with other individuals, sharing similar goals and objectives. It equips managers with the knowledge to understand and communicate properly in the workplace. This helps them comprehend, correspond, and work together with the other members of the staff in the company. It becomes easier for managers to guide, inspire, and build the team. HR is necessary for all organizations at all the basic levels of administration. This is because managers have to interrelate and work with all the employees for the growth of the company. The three principals discussed broadly in the paper are presented in the democratic social ideal, which is the maximum growth and role of a person in social life. The important aspect of the concept is the inclusive feature of the growth of all the individuals in any undertaking. It advocates for equal opportunity in the workplace for all the employees and opposes social tendencies that are unethical at the same time. Thus, it is necessary to foster the rising adequacy in a person, to nurture and achieve an intended purpose.

Interdisciplinary hypothesis and custom encourage the use and integration of the theory by individuals and groups. It also means continuous teamwork, and interchange between individuals with diverse specialization and practice. The third concept requires faith in human intellect to deal with challenges. It advocates for a problem-solving approach in the learning process, as opposed to defining a rational framework in dealing with problems. It is important to overcome workplace relationship challenges in the workplace to give out the best results as an employee.

These major five principles base their concepts on social and emotional intelligence and highlight breaking through recurring no-win cycles to prevail over workplace relationship challenges. Unworthy relationships require termination as they lead to the exploitation of individuals. If the relationship is unreciprocated, it does not qualify to nurture as it is not beneficial. The foundation of flourishing relationships relies heavily on mutual admiration and belief by both the parties. Clear boundaries among persons in every relationship lead to achieving thriving relationships. This is because it encourages transparency between the parties concerned. It is important to identify the priorities in the relationship as it helps in making the appropriate choices that serve the affiliation. Employees need to develop interpersonal skills in managing conflicts and influencing another person. Such skills encourage rapport and development of a person’s career at the workplace. An attitude of gratefulness is a prerequisite in promoting a sense of happiness and admiration for others in the socialization environment.

The majority of the people live their lives conforming to the modern perception of life. It is important to view other people’s actions positively until their actions become unethical. The solution to this aspect is the appreciation of other individual’s strategies. In the present successful organizations, the significant challenge is overseeing individual employee contentment and enthusiasm, away from complying with prescribed rules and effective procedures, to preserve high-quality output. The consequence of relaxed social factors in the working place brings about relationships and grouping norms that sway employee driving force and performance. The human relations movement articulates a conducive environment for a socialized normal group in the workplace. This promotes communication between workers and managers.

Human Relations Movement stresses the significance of a socialized working accepted environment for employees. This takes into consideration of the societal aspects for both the workforce and the managers as this takes priority over well-designed organizational features. Employees have strong unique social needs that they fulfill through gaining membership in casual social groups in their workplaces. They are efficiently motivated to give out the best results when managers offer a relaxing and comfortable working atmosphere, thus taking into consideration personal satisfaction and their desires rather than exploiting employees, giving them higher remuneration. An organization generates less beneficial productivity if administrators treat employees as economic individuals when they give higher salaries and diminish their effort.

A major coffee franchise hotel in New Zealand called Starbuck Coffee provides an informal and appropriate social working setting in which workers enjoy themselves and become more enthusiastic. This increases the demand to please, and stimulates the workforce, at the same time escalating the organization sales. The company encourages employees to be a part of the development plans that make it possible to achieve institutional goals. Starbucks Coffee offers employees equal opportunity as they all are partners. This makes the workforce become familiar and rooted in the workplace. The company pays attention to the workforce to fulfill their desires and wants. The manager’s program and assign employees reasonable work hours and time off work as the needs of the workers become a priority. The company offers employees together with part-time workers remuneration, such as health and dental care treatment, vacations as well as discounts on products. Starbucks Coffee has come up with tools and programs to sustain and guide employees towards achieving their career goals.

Even though the expenses of these remuneration increase rapidly, the company covers the monetary risks and capital to present benefits and guidance courses. This is because the employee contentment affects the output and behavior of the customers. A great treatment of the labor force in a human manner has caused a positive impact on the quality services offered to customers. This leads to an increase in sales in the organization yearly. Starbucks undertakes its operations guided by the principles of the HR Movement. This comes into force by a display of a two-way correspondence involving the staff and managers in the workplace. Starbucks Coffee communicates all its policies, principles, and measures to the employees and supervisors. Managers in this establishment permit employees to offer their ideologies and complaints; consequently, Starbucks Coffee advances its efficiency and corrects the discrepancies. The managers carry out day-by-day and weekly interviews to take note of the needs of the individual worker’s desires. Starbucks Coffee holds a special review for employees every year.

By operating the analysis, employees offer the management the necessary information that outlines issues that need intervention. This also points out the departments that perform well in the company. Starbucks offers instructions o guide and control employees constructively. The organization is apprehensive about the value of personal control with all the employees building a closer and relaxed relationship with one another. Starbucks Coffee continues to develop an ardent, stimulated workforce which in turn has an impact on the steady sale increases. As emphasized earlier, the HR movement relies greatly on the fulfillment and inspiration of all the employees as an officially structured organizational cluster. It encourages socialized, ordinary work atmosphere for employees, and a two-way communication strategy amid employees and managers (Kotrba, et al., 2012).


An upward communication theory from the staff to the supervisors entails the human relation movement. Starbucks Coffee is one of the triumphant coffee franchise hotels in New Zealand. This is because it has modified itself well and functions effectively in contemporary management based on the known HR movement notion. Managers demonstrate their respect for individual workers by treating them equally. The organization provides the workers with varied special benefits, as opposed to incentives. Also, the managers in Starbuck Coffee communicate freely and efficiently with employees, thus encouraging open discussion as they interact efficiently with employees while carrying out assessment and receiving feedback. In general, the movement is an indispensable method of the administration that current organizations must use to operate as a thriving and influential company in the market (Patton & Johns, 2012).

Closing Comments

Keyways in using Human Relations in the workplace. Provide 3 examples with supportive information from readings, lectures, and research.

Relationships help in building ties that make it easier to relate with other people in the workplace. This helps in encouraging teamwork among the employees. It also makes individuals modify or improve relations in the workplace as this improves one’s self-esteem. This influences the performance of the employees and defines the goals and aspirations of the last one. Lastly, it helps in improving individual internal relationships by working on a personal relationship with other co-workers (Ferner, Edwards, & Tempel, 2012).

What 3 key challenges do employees, management, and leaders face with Human Relations? Provide specific examples and supportive information from readings, lectures, and research.

Being leaders, it is important to value the employees to overcome the challenges and achieve the best results. This helps them maintain discipline and the level of control needed in a classroom setting. The managers need to come up with solutions to problems that the company experiences. It includes doing their best in any situation that requires to make immediate decisions. A lot of consideration needs to be taken into account when dealing with workers because they come from different cultures and backgrounds. Some employees experience emotional issues that result from their reluctance to compromise their ideals and values. Such situations require sobriety to deal with the condition. Respecting individual employees by treating them equally encourages the successful growth of the company. In present times, successful companies focus mostly on overseeing individual employee pleasure and enthusiasm. It helps the managers maintain quality output and at the same time, comply with prescribed regulations and operating measures (Kotrba, et al., 2012).

What 3 things did you learn about HR which you can use in your personal life and at your work?

HR promotes true value in relationships as it shows the basis of unconditional love. It makes one forgive, appreciate, and love another person’s life. This makes it easy to value other people and accept them unconditionally. A person can easily communicate effectively enhancing relationships as one becomes aware of oneself. It improves internal relationships as people’s thoughts, attitudes, and intentions become harmonious. Without the capability to communicate efficiently, human relationships are not achievable. The first and most important aspect of HR is the ability to converse effectively with other people. A sufficient self-concept originates from understanding one values and principles. An individual relates easily with people as a person sets clear goals and objectives. Human relationships help one in the provision of solutions to challenges faced by people in their daily activities (Patton & Johns, 2012).


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