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Human Trafficking Conflict Essay

The fall of communism in Eastern Europe has led to a long-term issue of human trafficking in some of the nations in the region. Governments in the region have different levels of appreciation for human trafficking rules, and their instability is a major cause of the issue.

It is apparent that the majority of the people involved in the crime are women looking for better opportunities in the neighboring rich nations. Organized crimes, support groups for human trafficking, and recruitment strategies are the main avenues of propagating human trafficking in the region.

Human trafficking of Eastern European women is facilitated by the presence of resourceful gangs that engage in the crime with minimal risks of being arrested. The gangs have connections in their home countries and host nations where the women are sold cheaply (Salt 31).

Extensive corruption cases are also a major contributing factor in the expansion of human trafficking in the Eastern Europe region.

Borders in the region are relatively porous; hence the human trafficking gangs have an easy task of transporting women and young girls from their respective nations to the richer nations that offer better opportunities.

Motivational Factors of Human Trafficking

It is clear that the respective governments of the worst affected nations by human trafficking of Eastern European women have failed in delivering social and personal needs of the citizens.

The unavailability of human societal needs, including self-actualization, love and belonging, safety and security, as well as physiological needs, is the main source of motivation for human trafficking in the region.

Most women look to exit their respective nations with the hope that their new home will offer better opportunities to acquire human societal needs. The majority of the women trafficked through to the more developed nations claim that their motivation to escape from their home countries is to find better lives.

Economic liberation, and escaping from the physical and psychological torture in their home countries are also major factors that have led to the high number of women migrating illegally to other European nations (Galtung 170).

The militarization of the Eastern European region has also been cited as one of the reasons that human trafficking of women for sex has risen in the region. There are very many women migrating from Eastern Europe to take up commercial sex jobs in other parts of Europe like the U.K.

The military provides a viable avenue for the women to get through the borders. Gangs in the region are also instrumental in kidnappings of women, especially young girls, and sending them to their brothels established in the rich economies within Europe.

Most of the women that are arrested in the host nations are normally associated with sex trafficking or slavery. They provide cheap labor to households and private companies (Salt 33).

This factor is an indication that economic liberation is one of the greatest sources of motivation for women in Eastern Europe to migrate from their home countries illegally. The violence filled region has also seen many women and children fleeing to escape psychological and physical ordeals associated with crimes of violence.

John Burton’s Basic Human Needs Theory

The basic human needs theory claims that conflicts in societies stem from the development of unsatisfied basic human needs. John Burtons indicated that a critical view of most of the social and political issues in nations reveals that the cause of the conflicts is the unavailability of specific needs (Burton 14).

This theory is relevant to the conflict of human trafficking of Eastern European women because the underlying issues are the lack of basic needs of the people in the region. It is clear that the majority of the women involved in the illegal migration are looking for better opportunities for economic liberation.

They are also looking to access better social amenities like health care facilities and schools, which are not available in their home countries. This factor indicates a failure in their respective governments to provide citizens with basic human needs (Doucey 4).

The theory has not been helpful to the people in the region because their governments have failed to look into these issues. The quest for political and economic stability in the Eastern European region has failed because of corruption and violence (Danielsen 3).

The basic human rights theory proposes that the best way to resolve conflicts is by addressing the basic human rights that are not met by the authorities. For instance, in the conflict of human trafficking of Eastern European women, addressing their economic needs and security issues can help eliminate the illegal migration.

The women need to be empowered economically in their respective home countries to enhance the quality of their lives. The authorities in the region should also increase security to limit violence in the society, as well as to reduce the cases of kidnappings victimizing women.

Most of the sex workers trafficked from Eastern Europe are kidnapped girls; hence, the associated governments should look into developing tighter security at their respective borders.

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