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Industrial Development in the USA Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Apr 28th, 2021

President Johnson together with Congress faced several conflicts and ideas in relation to reconstruction. To begin with, it was not clear about who was to lead the process of reconstruction. Further, it was not easy to decide who between the south, the president and the congress could direct the reconstruction process. Additionally, the question about whether the confederate leaders were to be tried was not clear. Further, it was uncertain to decide what could happen to the slaves who had been freed from slavery.

Lincoln and Johnson made considerable efforts to bring into normal the southern despite the great resistance from the Congress (Armstrong, Jennifer, and Roger 23). Contrary, a republican movement came into power and united the southern by making an economy that was labor free.Eventually, the deployment of U.S military facilitated the reconstruction of the southern society which established a great chapter for the fight of civil rights in U.S history.

Grant is seen as the main cause of retreat from reconstruction because he was much interested in personal gains than the reconstruction. Further, instead of assisting in restoration of order, he participated in creating a state of disorder. Generally, retreat was a result of ill motive of the people in power and also due to their self centered interests.

The new south had to re-unite with the United States because soon after the war emphasis was put to justice and re-union. Additionally, it was only after the war that issues like justice were handled and this lead to mutual understanding between the two states. In addition, harmony was emphasized and it played a great part to bring the parties together.

Henry McNeal Turner opinion about the ‘Unfinished revolution’ was that the revolution could have been delayed by injustices that were committed by the governing bodies.Additionally,there was discrimination especially in the administration of justice( Armstrong, Jennifer, and Roger 34).The revolution was meant to eliminate social vices and bring equality to all. The revolution was not achieved due to poor implementation of policies brought about by poor governance.

Frontier is a type of essay written by an American by name Turner. It gives a brief history about America and the events that transformed the state to the current civilized America(Chadsey 32).The frontier has been received with mixed reactions whereby some people view it as appropriate while others disregard it. In addition, Bonaza is a T.V series from the west that mainly focuses on Cartwright families. The Americans like the series because it gives a hint on where they have come from. West according to America history means a place that is unique in terms of culture, climate and civilization. The crushing of the Native Americans and the settlement of the American West is related in that the Native Americans were regarded as obstacles toward resettling the American west.The Native Americans were forced to do away with their culture so as to fit to the American west culture.

Industrial development in U.S resulted to great economic growth coupled by civilization. Additionally, there was great economic development and technological breakthrough that led to joblessness to majority. Industrial empire was characterized by new inventions that were influenced by presence of resources in America (Chadsey 30).Additionally, empire on rails was a term used to denote the railway that was constructed in the early 1920s to make transport easy in the U.S.

The notion the sellers in American industry society means that the marketing and advertising was used to complement new ways of selling for instance chain store or departmental stores. Wage earners on the other hand constituted of millions of laborers whose wages increased leading to improved living standards (Chadsey 42).Industrialization could be beneficial in the that it could increase wealth and raise the living stardard.On the other hand, it could lead to widening gap between the rich and the poor.Further, it could lead to social unrest, exploitation or even excess power by corporations.

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