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Nostradamus is the popular name of the 16th century astrologer, Michel de Nosteredame. This historical figure has attracted numerous followers and detractors over the centuries due to his prophesies. To his followers, he is the most significant prophet of modern times.


Early Life

  • Nostradamus was born on December 1503.
  • He joined the University of Avignon at the age of 15.
  • He had a great interest in apothecary, which is the research on herbal remedies.
  • His first occupation was as an apothecary and he worked with a prominent physician during the 1545 plague of Marseille.
  • Nostradamus travelled a lot and on one of his visits to Italy, he became interested in the occult.
  • This marked a significant transformation in his life and he started practicing astrology
Early Life

The Prophet

In 1550, he embarked on a monumental project of writing a compilation of a thousand prophesies.

His finished book was published as “Les Prophetis”, which means “The Prophecies”, and this is what Nostradamus is famous for today.

The modern followers of Nostradamus regard him as a seer who was gifted with prophetic power (Sharma, 2010).

Ibrahim and Galvan (2008) observe that these followers credit him with predicting numerous events in world history.

The Prophet

Prophesies attributed to Nostradamus

Nostradamus is said to have predicted a number of prominent events in world history.

He foretold the Great Fire of London, which took place in September 1666 and resulted in the destruction of the homes of 70,000 Londoners (Nostradamus, 2013).

Nostradamus predicted the rise of the great French ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Followers of Nostradamus declare that the prophesy concerning Napoleon Bonaparte was unique in that it mentioned the name of Napoleon.

This seer is also said to have predicted the rise to power of the Adolf Hitler, who ruled Germany during the Second World War.

Believers of Nostradamus declare that he foresaw the invention of modern weaponry such as bombs, rockets, submarines and airplanes (Carroll, 2011).

Prophesies attributed to Nostradamus Prophesies attributed to Nostradamus

The Views of Detractors

Not everybody is a believer of Nostradamus’ prophetic powers.

Some scholars argue that Nostradamus did not write to be a prophet, but rather to comment on the events that were happening during his lifetime.

The reason why he wrote in a metaphorical and cryptic language was so that he would not be persecuted for what he was saying (Ibrahim & Galvan, 2008).

Skeptics of Nostradamus prophetic powers have observed how his predictions only become clear to the followers after they have occurred.

Ibrahim and Galvan (2008) accuse the modern disciples of Nostradamus of fitting monumental events to the prophesies contained in Nostradamus’s book.

The detractors of Nostradamus declare that his reputation as a prophet is manufactured by his supporters.

This ardent followers of Nostradamus fit his word to significant events that have already occurred or are so imminent as to be inevitable.

The Views of Detractors The Views of Detractors


No other astrologer has attracted the attention and reputation that Nostradamus has.

He continues to attract followers to date and his prophesies are still being analyzed for new predictions.

His followers are adamant that his predictions were made through the inspiration of divine will while detractors accuse the followers or fitting Nostradamus’s words to events.

In spite of the conflicting views regarding Nostradamus’s prophetic powers, this historic figure still has a significant influence in society, over 500 years after his death.



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