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Intel, Walt Disney and ConAgra Foods Companies Report (Assessment)


Modern businesses lay stress on their environmental and social responsibility in order to attract clients who nowadays set higher standards for corporate performance. Additionally, many enterprises publish their sustainability reports, and one should be able to analyze them critically (Morhardt, 2005).

Moreover, these public policies can be related to the four elements of the marketing mix; in particular, one should speak about product, place, price, and promotion. This issue can be better discussed by examining the sustainability reports issued by such companies as Intel, Walt Disney, and ConAgra Foods. These cases will demonstrate how these organizations may try to change the attitudes of potential clients and other stakeholders.

Information provided by the companies


The management of ConAgra Foods fully discloses information about the main ingredients included in their products (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013, p. 10). This approach to labeling is particularly important for food companies that must help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Additionally, according to the report, issued by this organization, this producer uses only recyclable materials for packaging (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013, p. 11). This strategy is also critical because modern consumers pay more attention to the environmental practices of competing enterprise. Moreover, the organization claims to protect animal which are vital for the production of goods sold by the company. This issue is also of great concern to buyers.

In turn, Intel Corporation also focuses on various attributes of its products. In particular, this management speaks about the energy efficiency of the technologies that they offer to clients (Intel Corporation, 2013, p. 16). Additionally, the corporation focuses on the life-cycle of its products. In particular, they eliminate the hazardous materials that can pose a great threat to users as well as environment (Intel Corporation, 2013, p 47). These are some of the main details that should be considered.

Walt Disney Company also pays close attention to the packaging of their products. In particular, they advocate the use of paper packaging (Walt Disney Company, 2013, p. 24). Furthermore, they use paper products that were manufactured without chlorine. They provide this information since modern clients are more concerned about the effects of people’s consumption on the environment.

Additionally, the company tries to market only those food products that do not pose a threat to the health of buyers; for instance, one can mention low-fat diary or vegetables (Walt Disney Company, 2013, p. 34). Overall, by focusing on the sustainability of their products, Wald Disney Company tries to address the concerns of many clients.


While developing its promotional strategies, ConAgra Foods attaches importance to transparence. As it has been said before, this organization identified each of the ingredients involved in the production of the food. This openness is one of the attributes that can appeal to buyers (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013, p. 10).

Additionally, this company pays attention to such an issue as advertising to children. In particular, they encourage children to make healthy food choices (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013, p. 42). To a great extent, this strategy is of great importance to parents who want to shield their children from the risks of obesity. Moreover, the PR campaigns of this business lay stress on the on the responsible behavior of the company.

While speaking about the promotional activities of Intel Corporation, one should mention the public campaigns of this corporation. The management focuses on the wide range of practices that are supposed to benefit the community and environment.

For instance, they increase the awareness of consumers about their waste and water management, the promotion of employee health, energy efficiency, or the use of information technologies in order to support sound environmental practices (Intel Corporation, 2013). Finally, this organization increases the use of recyclable materials.

Walt Disney Company also applies the principles of environmental and social responsibility to their promotional activities. For example, the management focuses on the marketing communications that are conveyed to children (Walt Disney Company, 2013, p. 32). In particular, they are based on nutritional guidelines that are important for the proper physical development of children. Additionally, this organization focuses on public relations. For instance, the management highlights the effort of the company to preserve the environment. These are the main details that should be considered.


Place is another element of the marketing mix. In particular, producers should make sure a product can be easily accessible to consumers. This element can also be related to the social and environmental responsibility. For instance, the management of ConAgra Foods notes that the company reduces CO2 emissions that result from the transportation of goods (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013). By focusing on this point, the management shows that the principles of corporate responsibility are imbedded in their marketing strategies.

Transportation of goods is of great concern to the management of Intel Corporation; in particular, this organization procures vehicles with hybrid engines to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (Intel Corporation, 2013, p. 97). In other words, this company tries to show that the distribution of its products does not pose any threats to the environment as well the community. Additionally, this business wants to makes sure that the distributors comply with current environmental standards (Intel Corporation, 2013).

In turn, Walt Disney Company attaches importance to its parks where clients can receive products and services. For example, children and parents, who visit such parks, can take part in educational programs showing how people can preserve nature (Walt Disney Company, 2013, p. 32).

In turn, the organization tries to reduce energy consumption which is needed for the transportation of food products. Moreover, this corporation attaches importance to the policies adopted by affiliated retailers. These are the main aspects that can be distinguished.


Price is also a critical component of the marketing mix. In turn, the senior executives of ConAgra Foods point out that the pricing policies of the company can support the most vulnerable groups of people. For instance, they can set lower prices for low-income students (ConAgra Foods, Inc., 2013, p. 70).

Moreover, the management mentions that the savings achieved by the company can be applied for the adoption of sustainable technologies. In other words, this corporation tries to show that its pricing policies can benefit various stakeholders.

The management of Intel Corporation claims that the company tries to make their product more affordable (Intel Corporation, 2013). In their opinion, this policy is not driven only by competition. It can also contribute to the development of the economy on the worldwide scale.

Apart from that, this company emphasizes the point that these savings were achieved through the adoption of energy-efficient technologies. In other words, the examples provided by this organization shows that environmental sustainability can be important for cost-cutting and making products more accessible.

In turn, Walt Disney Company attaches importance to the costs associated with its products and services. In particular, the company notes that its pricing policies are supposed to benefit some low-income clients. Apart from that, the corporation covers the transportation costs in order to help many children visit the parks maintained by this organization (Walt Disney Company, 2013, p. 43). This discount policy is supposed to increase the social benefits brought by this business.

Similarities and differences


While discussing product as an element of the marketing mix, one should mention that Walt Disney and ConAgra Foods focus on transparency. In other words, they openly state what kind of ingredients or components were involved in production. Additionally, each of the three enterprises attaches importance to the role of recyclable packaging.

In contrast, the management of Intel places more emphasis on the energy efficiency of their products. Moreover, this corporation focuses on the life-cycle of products. Overall, these variations can be partly explained by the fact that the businesses represent different industries.


It is possible to mention that each of the three companies attach importance to the integrity of their marketing messages. In particular, they focus on the need to provide accurate information to clients. Additionally, ConAgra Foods and Walt Disney Company pay attention to the ethical responsibilities of advertisers. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about the commercials targeted to children. In contrast, Intel Corporation concentrates on PR campaigns that can be useful for creating the positive image of this corporation.


Furthermore, it is important to mention that each of the three businesses tries to reduce the negative externalities caused by the transportation of their products. In this case, one should speak about the air pollution. Thus, environmental sustainability of their supply chain is supposed to appeal to buyers.

However, one should keep in mind that Walt Disney Company pays more attention to the environmental sustainability of their entertainment parks that should be effectively incorporated into the environment. This strategy is important for the efficiency of the company’s operations.


Finally, each of the three corporations attempts to make their products and services more affordable to clients. In this way, they can bring benefit consumers. Walt Disney Company and ConAgra Foods try to assist people whose purchasing power may not be very high. Yet, Intel Corporation notes that their pricing policies can contribute the development of the economy in various countries. Moreover, the management of this corporation mentions that the cost savings and discounts can be achieved by using sustainable technologies.

Overall assessment

Overall, it seems that ConAgra Foods is more willing to improve the sustainability of its operations. The management of this corporation tries to minimize the negative impacts of its activities on various stakeholders. Moreover, the corporation accepts duties that are not required by the law.

In particular, one should speak about their commercials. Furthermore, this corporation tries to incorporate the principles of sustainability into different elements of the marketing mix. In contrast, Walt Disney Company has the least intensive responsibility.

The problem is that it does not directly take part in the production of the products that they offer. Finally, Intel Corporation tries to maximize the benefits to the community and the environment. Nevertheless, the reports of this corporation lay stress on the idea that these sustainability practices are consistent with the interest of stockholders.


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