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Intergovernmental Relations: “Making” Our Future Essay


The report “Making Our Future: What States Are Doing to Encourage Growth in Manufacturing through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Investment” indicates that traditional footholds in the world of manufacturing have become obsolete. This means that modern technological innovations have reshaped the way companies and industries produce and market their goods or services. This paper gives a detailed summary of this report. It also offers meaningful insights for better intergovernmental relations.

Report Summary

The article examines a new shift that is supported by eight American states. According to the report, manufacturers are now focusing on various issues such as the concept of sustainable production, leadership in different industries, and changing consumer needs (The National Governors Association, 2013). The major problems affecting different sectors across the globe have also been addressed by these states. Some of them include water shortage, food insecurity, poor public infrastructure, and health problems. This new approach has been supported by practices such as innovation, continuous worker education, and promotion of private and public sector entrepreneurship (The National Governors Association, 2013). To record positive results, various measures have been taken into consideration by these states. They have introduced and established adequate programs, created or redesigned existing organizations, proposed and implemented superior policies, identified emerging technologies, and supported small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Most of the insights presented in the identified report can guide other states in the country to transform manufacturing through investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship. For instance, different industries and companies can be supported using adequate resources to achieve their potential. Intermediaries that are embraced by all stakeholders will ensure that adequate policies are formulated. Both short-term and long-term goals should be outlined and pursued diligently. States should also secure appropriate achievements in an attempt to make significant contributions to every manufacturer. Finally, traditional metrics should be updated to improve every production process (The National Governors Association, 2013). This means that emerging technologies can promote innovation and competitiveness. These recommendations will ensure that more states in the country create new job opportunities.

Inter-Governmental Relations

The above report can be studied as a good example of inter-governmental relations. A collaborative effort will ensure that similar priorities and agendas are identified to improve manufacturing processes. State governments can also offer appropriate insights and concepts to deliver desirable results. Positive relations can generate greater effects and improve the manufacturing processes embraced by every state (Tudor, Zaharie, & Osoian, 2014). Positive inter-governmental relations will encourage more researchers, policymakers, technologists, and experts to collaborate and eventually deliver admirable results.

Relationship to Course Content

The selected report offers evidence-based concepts that echo most of the ideas analyzed in class. For instance, modern technologies are currently transforming every aspect of manufacturing. Companies and industries that want to remain relevant in their respective sectors should consider this argument. Additionally, positive inter-governmental relations have the potential to support and improve the performance of many corporations (Tudor et al., 2014). According to the above article, there is a need for state governments, companies, and agencies to address critical challenges, including poor health, food and water shortage, and lack of sustainable energy.


The success of future manufacturers will be determined by the collaborative efforts of different stakeholders and the ability to utilize modern innovations and technologies. The analyzed report has explained why states should collaborate, formulate adequate policies, and offer resources to support different sectors. These arguments and views should, therefore, be taken seriously by entrepreneurs, companies, and government agencies to drive economic performance.


The National Governors Association. (2013). Making our future: What states are doing to encourage growth in manufacturing through innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment. Web.

Tudor, A. T., Zaharie, M., & Osoian, C. (2014). Innovation development needs in manufacturing companies. Procedia Technology, 12, 505-510. Web.

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