Key Business Processes of the SME Report

The key business processes at BizCobber include the development of software tools for SMEs. The main tools developed by the company since its establishment is the Wealth Runner software tool, which enables the clients to budget their finances and keep track of their monthly spending. The company also provides business services through its IT software (About Us 2014).

The business services offered by the company include budget analysis, banking analysis, marketing services, and human resource management. The company collects data and information provided by its clients, and it conducts business analyses that provide comprehensive information about the financial performance of the respective clients.

BizCobber enhances the value of its services by providing clients with a software tool that enables them to feed data into their cloud system.

The data is analysed by the business experts in the company, and they offer clients comprehensive information about the financial performance of their SMEs (Services 2014). The management services offered by BizCobber are free services for the clients, and this gives the company a competitive edge over its rivals.

The core competencies of the company lie in the skills and knowledge possessed by the 15 employees. The IT department is in charge of developing software that makes it easier for clients to manage and save their data. The business management department has experts who can manipulate the data and provide the clients with meaningful information about their businesses.

Bizcobber is essentially providing its clients with technology that helps them to eliminate the need to employ business analysts. Technology is a viable replacement of human assets in small businesses because it is cheaper and more effective in delivering the required results (Future Work 2014). BizCobber has identified the gap in technology for SMEs and is looking to harness the opportunity.

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