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Lickitty Cakes Company’s Problems Report


Mind-map of the problem situation

The key central word in this situation that should be addressed is whether Lickitty cake is melting away. The following mind-map was developed to help in finding out a better solution possible. The ideas and the concepts have been grouped according to importance within the areas of critical challenges. The ideas have been branched to their specific sections focusing on one word at a time, hence allowing for creativity (Fogler and LeBlanc 2008).

Is Lickitty melting Away?

Problem statement

Lickitty’s popularity was due to its excellent services and products; it was also attributed to monopolization within the market place. It received no strong competition at first hence was able to supply customers at will. After the year 2000, Lickitty suffered from higher expenditure which included rent and tax payment. There was no laid down marketing strategies that could boost the sales, they did not make use of the modern technology hence ignored the use of the media and internet for advertisement purposes. At the same time the company did not change the quality of their products, they still offered products with high fat content unlike their competitors.

List of problems

There is the problem of high expenditure on overheads and less use of modern technology in marketing. Most of the clients can now easily access internet hence makes most of their orders through the internet. There is also change in taste of the consumers whereby they prefer products with less fat and sugar content due to health reasons. The company uses cheap and inexperienced labour inform of school children and the youths. This adversely affected the Company since the school boys could not generate new ideas on how the company should be organized to compete favourably within the market (Fogler and LeBlanc 2008).

Dunker diagram

This diagram helps in bringing out the desired solutions for the problem faced by Lickitty cakes. It points out on how to go about the problem by making it OK not to attain to the preferred solution. The solutions provided by this diagram is divided into three that is; first the general solution, then the functional solution followed by the specific solutions to be undertaken. The following solutions were recommended to the problem at hand (Fogler and LeBlanc 2008).

The general solutions given in this case which would rather make the business to decide otherwise include; either opening up a new business or merging Lickitty with another related company. However on the right hand side of the figure the general solution provides a way in which Lickitty cakes can be modified to suit the present state (Make it OK not to close down).

The functional solutions in this case provide the possible paths to the state desired. It gives the conditions to be fulfilled to attain to the desired state. Finally we have the specific solutions that points out on how the functional solutions are to be implemented. In this case, for Lickitty to change the management team the company has to employ specialists who will have the ability to recognize customer tastes, it will have to employ experienced personnel and finally go for fresh graduates instead of school boys (Fogler and LeBlanc 2008).

Problem Is Lickitty Melting away?

Problem Is Lickitty Melting away?

The major problem is coping up with modernity; the company has not quickly adapted to the current tastes within the market and the technology that goes with it. There is the need to recruit knowledgeable employees that are able to embrace quick change instead of relying on the cheap labour from the inexperienced students and youths. These can form a very strong management team focused for a better future.

Works Cited

Fogler, HS and LeBlanc, S, 2008, Strategies for Creative Problem Solving, Prentice- Hall, New Jersey.

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