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Work Performance Appraisal Systems Case Study

Evaluating research is a specific analysis which helps understand some particular processes, their effectiveness, and other particular characteristics of the work performance. Evaluating research is usually used for considering staff satisfaction with a particular issue. Evaluation research may be completed differently each time as depending on the goals and the needs of the company, the evaluation may be based on various aspects.

Grayson is sure that “work performance appraisal systems assess the employee’s effectiveness, work habits and also the quality of the work produced” (Grayson) by means of evaluating the “accuracy and effectiveness of the appraisal instrument” (Grayson) applying to “several basic research techniques” (Grayson). The main idea of such evaluation research is to gather the information in order to use it for improving the working process or employees’ performance. The evaluation research usually starts with setting the goals.

Then, the appropriate technique is used according to which the research plan is developed. The literature review is to be considered along with the theories applicable to the research under consideration. After all the measures are taken, the evaluation research starts. It is important to inform employees about the future evaluation and about its goals. It is essential that the goals told to the employees and the real ones may differ.

Such trick is done with the purpose not to spoil the research results by intentionally offered requests. The employer is to give employees time during their working hours to fill out the questionnaire (Mawoli and Babandako 1). After all the employees answered the questions, the results are checked, analyzed and synthesized. The conclusions are made on the basis of the results which are further used for the company change and strategic planning.

Briefly Discuss What Barclays Has Done for Evaluating Research

Having taken a specific example, the evaluating change and development of Barclays Edotech, it should be stated that the following processes were completed. First of all, the research was conducted with the purpose to understand which of the marketing techniques are used in the spheres and which of them are the most effective ones.

After a thorough research, the one-off local staff survey was decided to be referred to (Thornhill, Lewis, Saunders, and Millmore 279). The evaluation research was based on three-month team briefings where employees were asked questions and they had to answer them. The results of the briefings were presented in public to make sure that all the employees had an opportunity to check those.

Such measure is taken intentionally to increase the motivation and to make sure that the employees strive for better performance. In case the results were too low, the company managers worked on understanding the reasons and tried to change the situation to improve motivation and to increase working performance. The important step was taken when the evaluating research results of the current process were compared to the annual results to understand whether the changes had already occurred.

The questionnaire was not changed from year to year that allowed the company to compare and contrast the results. The briefing consisted of 80 questions. The answers were created in a form of an evaluation scale and the employees had to assess their perception (from strongly agree to strongly disagree). The evaluation research was completed on a computer that allowed the managers to get the analyzed and synthesized results faster.

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