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Managment Information Systems Essay

Explain why there is considerable organizational resistance to the introduction of information systems

It has been noted that the introduction of information systems is facing organizational resistance due to the fact that these informational systems are, without doubt, bound up in the politics of the organisation and as thus influencing access to information, which is a principal resource. Factually, information systems possess the capability of affecting who in the organisation is responsible to do what and to whom, in which locality, at what time and in what manner.

More often than not, a majority of the information systems call for changes in both individual and personal procedures. These procedures may be compensated or not. Moreover, by the fact that these information systems are in a position of bringing about change in the culture, construction, business strategy and business processes of an organization, their introduction into the organisations is repeatedly facing unequalled resistance.

Markedly, information systems as well as the organisation in which these same systems are in use work together and at the same time impact each other. It is with no doubt that the establishment of new information systems will considerably have an impact on not only the structure of the organization, but also on the goals, work design, values, the process of decision making and competition within and outside the organisation.

Besides, it is a prerequisite that information systems be designed in such a manner that they will meet the significant organizational groups. They are in the offing of leading into a decline in both agency costs and transaction costs. Changes of this nature have been so emphasized in such organisations via the use of the internet.

Owing to the fact that new systems will likely distraught power dealings and work patterns, there is unrelenting resistance to them on their introduction in the organization. It is, therefore, imperative to prudently bring under control the complex relationship that exist between information systems, decision making and organizational performance.

Adopting an enterprise application is a key business decision as well as a technology decision. Do you agree? Why or why not? Who should make this decision?

In my opinion, the adoption of an enterprise application is of great significance to both business and technological decisions. To begin with, system and application integration in an enterprise’s infrastructure has proved to be a critical area of concern. This is because there are wide-ranging ideologies and approaches in position whose focus is realizing the goals which the enterprise has set in place.

Enterprise applications are also important in resolving the problem of the heterogeneous environment that earlier technology had birthed such as the inability to share information. They can actually permit users within an organisation to have their systems tied together via the use of a shared glue code.

In addition, stovepipe enterprise applications, the likes of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), have come to be universally accepted for their capability to not only address, but also avail solution to the narrow problems presents within the organisational departments. They are in a position of linking a number of dissimilar systems with enterprises. As organisations are beginning to realize the inevitability of interconnecting dissimilar systems in meeting or even exceeding their business needs, the significance of this integration technology is at the same time being felt.

As a result, it becomes a very paramount breakthrough for each and every enterprise to effectively plan, design and make an establishment of systems based on enterprise application technology. However, all these decisions are likely to be dependent on the company and the funder of the organisation’s expenditure. This, therefore, means that the input of the business manager of the organisation is considerably vital if not overall.

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