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McDonald’s Main Mission Evaluation Essay

Every organization has values which it strives to uphold. This can be noticed in the manner the organizations conduct their business operations. Strategies will mostly be aligned to the values sustained through the years (Gambino 6).

McDonald’s Mission and Values

The main mission of this company is to stand as the customer’s best place of choice and way to eat. The food chain store has worldwide operations. These operations are focused along a universal tactic known as the plan to win. It lays emphasis on the excellent clientele experience which recognizes 5ps in its services.

The 5ps are people, products, place, price, and promotion. The food store remains focused to endlessly better its operations and improve its clientele’s experience (Shapiro 3).

The Values of McDonald’s

The company places its customers experience at the center of all activities it undertakes. Clients are the reason for the store’s existence. It shows its appreciation by offering the clients high quality products as well as grander service in a neat, friendly atmosphere, and at a very good price. Operations focus on service quality, neatness, and the value for every person involved at all times.

The company will always be focused on efficiently serving its people. It offers the chance, develops people’s talents, develops leadership, and rewards performance. It acknowledges the fact that a group of properly trained people having diverse backgrounds and knowledge, functioning coherently in an atmosphere which values respect and enhances superior levels of participation are very key to its continuous success.

The business has developed a superior system in place. Its model of doing business portrayed by its “three legged stool” as an example of owner, supply people, as well as company personnel is the base that it uses to balance all the concerns of all the three mentioned groups.

McDonald’s conducts its business operations through ethical practices. Here, everybody holds himself accountable and performs business to the greatest degrees of justice, morality, and integrity. Everyone is personally responsible and collectively culpable.

The company also gives back to its immediate societies. It seriously considers the mandates which come with it being an industry leader. It assists its clients develop better societies, augment Ronald McDonald House Charities , and control its size in development, scope and assets to assist in making the globe a better place.

The organization conducts its business in a manner in which everything is profitable. Since it is a public company it really struggles to ensure that everybody benefits from it. This needs an incessant emphasis on its clients and the wellbeing of its system.

It also struggles to incessantly improve. It exists as an institution which considers every situation as an opportunity to learn as well as aim to antedate and react to the non-static client, workers, and system requirements through continuous progression and innovation.

McDonald’s Operation Process

The company makes use of a superior operation strategy to get a larger share of the market and intensify the value of the shareholders. It specially focuses on its speed, regularization, quality of products, and the affordability offered to clients.

It has managed to beat competition by majoring on these elements. It contends on three primary pillars like speed, affordability as well as regularization basically to ensure that clients remain satisfied at all times.

By conducting serious market research and survey studies, McDonald’s identified that its clients wished to have speed among the store’s top concerns. Hence, it anchored its operations towards offering a fast, pleasant, and perfect service.

It also realized that definite targets were important to quantify speed. Hence, they incessantly use appropriate measurements to match the actual performance with the desired performance. From the moment a client makes an order, to the preparation of a burger, until the client exits the store, speed is an essential element in the store’s operation strategy.

In order to reduce the time taken to offer specific services, the business makes use of standardized training procedures for all its workers and has created new drive through layouts for many of its customers. In addition to speed, it also strives to outdo its competitors in the market by coming with prices that are so low and affordable to its clientele.

A decision to offer high quality goods in a low cost margin needs effective procedures through all the units that the organization manages. Again, this objective is fitted into the statement of the vision which says that the organization endeavors to become the most effective service provider so that it can be the unique value to many people. The organization makes use of several processes to offer great value to its clientele.

One of the greatest strategies which the organization has made use for a long time is referred to as the value meal. This value meal permits clients to purchase food items like sandwich, French fries as well as beverages at a discount rate when the food items are purchased together at once. This service is offered across all restaurants for both lunch and breakfast meals with time ranging from seven to twelve.

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