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Media Plan for “Puffers Pastry” Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Apr 26th, 2019


The purpose of this report is to prepare a media plan for “Puffers Pastry” to boost sales and create brand image by attracting business community in CBD and general shoppers.

Target Audience

The Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) is an ancient city and financial district of Australia that contains a lot of luxurious shopping complexes, leading enterprises, corporate headquarters, warehouses of the adjacent docklands, offices, boutiques, restaurants, world renowned chain shops, and grocery stores along with the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Ripefruit Media, 2012).

The City Research (2011) demonstrated that the city has been changing quickly with a 17% growth of employees, workers and shoppers and they occupies almost 4.8 million sq. metres or 15.8% of the total space of the city and this segment of the demography is the target audience of the Puffers Pastry.

Product Market Factors

In the CBD, there are adequate numbers of restaurants, bars, and dining facilities with enough high or standard cost, but there is limited number of Fast Food stores that offer affordable price for quality products; to address this market gap, Puffers Pastry is a new patisserie opened in the CBD for the general shoppers and employees of the business communities.

Puffers Pastry aimed to offer the high quality of fresh products for those customers who are in the hunt for a superior product at an affordable price, the major difference, ‘Puffers Pastry’ is that it only offers fresh foods of everyday and do not sell anything of yesterday.

Objectives of the Advertising Campaign

  • The primary objective of Puffers Pastry is to increase immediate sales;
  • The secondary aim of this company is to develop strong brand image to the target audience using effective media plan by June 2013;
  • To create awareness among 90% of the business community in CBD and general shoppers within one year of starting business;
  • To develop consciousness regarding public health and economic condition;
  • Moreover, media plan would help the company capture 35% of total market share.


Puffers Pastry will provide messages to the target business community through media plan, such as, it will give information about ingredients of nutritious and tasty pastry and reasonable price structure to convey messages about the commitment of the company to give the opportunity to purchase Pastry to sell products to retail purchasers without bothering any tension.

Weight up Past Media Performance

At the opening ceremony of Puffers Pastry, it conducted a few cable TV adverting that has drawn a certain extent of customers attention, but not adequate to develop brand image or brad loyalty, thus, the company believes that an integrated marketing campaign would instantly boost its sales and assist to develop brand image.

Slogan of the Campaign

The selected slogan for this integrated marketing campaign is – ‘Puffers Pastry- for the Reasonable Pays, but Special Taste for Everyday’

Media Selection for Target Audience

To attract business community and general shoppers, the advertisements of Puffers Pastry will go through e-Billboard, e-newsletter, and e-post card, social networking sites (including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, Linkedin, Actionrain, etc.), and two national dailies for three days a week, such as, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Daily Telegraph; in addition, it will use Vegetables Australia (national industry magazine).

However, the marketer of Puffers Pastry will hire web designers or programmers to design a dynamic website with e-commerce facilities to provide online purchasing system; however, the designers would be responsible for integrating software to maintain relationship with business community and shoppers, search engine optimization (SEO), and aggregate development of IT processes to deliver simple IT operations.

Merits & Challenges for the Selected Media Vehicles

There are a number of challenges in introducing and implementing an integrated marketing campaign Puffers Pastry CBD Melbourne, Australia, as there are huge varieties of fast food and pasty shops few coffee places in the city like McDonald, and Starbucks, who are already enjoying a competitive atmosphere in the local market.

The business communities of the CBD Melbourne and local shopkeepers have already experienced the services and products of the existing companies and become familiar with their products and services.

However, the marketing team of Puffers Pastry believes that city like CBD Melbourne has its diverse crowd of people who look for something fresh and more competitive price for alternative source of food supplies and the company is eager to take this challenge to provide a different taste, this is the merits of the new alternatives of advertising campaign.

Rationales, Frequency and Media Schedule

The marketer of Puffers Pastry will select comparatively low cost media for advertising because the total budget of advertising campaign of this company is only $25,000.0; In addition, this company has previous experience to use high cost media, which was not too effective tool considering return on investment and loyal customer base.

On the other hand, the management team of this company intends to reach business community and general shoppers in this way by which they can recall the message of the advertisement or web contents.

However, this report suggests Puffers Pastry to include two more newspaper to advertise at the time of national occasion to attract business community and general shoppers.

At the same time, marketer of Puffers Pastry will carry on advertising in social networking sites along with include new articles monthly basis and give updates about the company, such as, features of products and services, feedback of the customers and new offers related with price off or bonus.

Puffers Pastry will develop a website within December 2012 to measure customer traffic though it will start advertising campaign from January 2013 to create brand awareness and increase sales volume; in addition, the subsequent figure demonstrates the schedule for social media –

Puffers Pastry’s media schedule

Figure 1: Puffers Pastry’s media schedule

Source: Self generated

The Media Budget

Integrated Budget for Puffers Pastry’s Media Plan
Selected Campaigning Media Cost of Each Media
Print media Sydney Morning Herald $5000
The Daily Telegraph $5000
Total print media costs = $ 8626.5
Radio & TV advertising Content for radio ad $522
Content for TV add costs $5277
Total cost for radio ads = $5722
IMC over internet, which includes social networking websites, improvement of SEO and others related fees $1430
Investigating about the target audience of the campaign through market research $300
e-newsletter along with postcards and promotional tools $1375
e-Billboards / hoardings $2590.5
Public relations $390
Website Development & optimization $1250
Content for Blogs $500
Other costs of the advertising department $2816
Others $11848.5
Total Budget $25,000

Table 1: Budget for Puffers Pastry’s Media Plan

Source: Self generated

Legal and Ethical Constrains

During the integrated marketing campaign of Puffers Pastry, the marketers would keep in mind that their campaign would comply with The Australian Consumer Law 2011, and may not interferes with the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, while the Competition and Consumer Amendment Bill 2011 would lead the markers to maintain ethical standards with appropriates directions to the competitors (ISC, 2012).

Reference List

City Research. 2011, City of Melbourne Facts, Figures, and Projections,

ISC. 2012, BSBADV507A Develop a media plan,

Ripefruit Media. 2012, Melbourne Central Business District (CBD),

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