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Microblogging Project Case Study

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Updated: Jul 19th, 2021


Microblogging Project

An example of a business blog page, offering a variety of media options, headlines, and information. The concept of a blog is a unique but effective communication in the modern digital world, allowing any individual or organization to run a publicly accessible web page with updated information and the latest news. Content on a blog can include everything ranging from text to pictures and videos. A blog and a website for business are often used interchangeably, but while a web page is static and not updated often, a blog receives common and quick updates with relevant information and content. Blogging is a personal online space which allows to write and publish various posts with a large variety of content and some user interaction. Often, blogs are based on certain dedicated platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr. Blogging consists of regularly writing and updating the blog page, providing meaningful and comprehensive information to the readers.

An example of a Twitter page for a business, with short announcements and relevant hyperlinks to additional information Meanwhile, microblogging is a relatively recent trend which emerged with the popularity of massive social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Microblogging combines blogging with instant messaging by sharing snippets of information in short texts usually no longer than 140 characters (the limit for Tweets for example). The posts can also include various forms of content such as pictures or videos, or a hyperlink to a longer article on the topic, but the multimedia are slightly more limited than on a traditional blog. Microblogging has become central in the smartphone era because short posts and the platforms which support these are inherently mobile friendly. Furthermore, in the digital age of significant information overload, it is important to convey the message concisely and directly to the end users, making microblogging effective for mass communication.

Microblogging Project

The current trend of blogging and microblogging for business is popular as it is an effective but low-cost marketing tactic which can provide a company with online visibility as well as establish a direct communication link with consumers. It is important to understand that the online environment is interconnected. Therefore, effective blogging and microblogging can drive traffic to the company website as well as physical stores, converting traffic into potential business opportunities. Online name recognition is worth more than most television advertisements since the majority of people spend a lot of time on the Internet, reading blogs and scrolling through newsfeeds of microblogging platforms. It helps to promote brand awareness and grow a business network and client base.

WordPress, Tumblr, and SquareSpace remain the biggest blogging platforms, with both free and paid features with each having unique offerings for page creation and marketing for businesses. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook remain the leading microblogging social networks, with most choosing to maintain a Facebook page with up-to-date information and Twitter for short communication and notifications for consumers. Instagram can also be considered a microblogging platform by focusing on the visual aspect, while also allowing to share short posts or news with followers.

Creating an Account

This section will take one through the steps necessary to create a business profile on the most popular microblogging platform Twitter. Additionally the following :

  1. Go to Twitter.com and select to create a profile. It will ask to enter a full name, email, and create a password. One should use a real name and email; everything is customizable later. Afterward, click sign-up and one can begin using the page. Twitter will ask to verify one’s email through a clickable link to unlock the full set of features. Then, Twitter will ask to create a handle, which is represented by @ followed by a unique username. It is a handle which can be used to tag the page and will be present in the URL of the microblog. Therefore, it should be a shortened name or abbreviation of the business, so it can be easily recognized.
  2. Once the page is created, one has the option of adding a small profile picture, a large header image, and a short 160-character bio. These should be edited to reflect the business page one is trying to set up. For example, the header image can be something that captures attention but represents the business well, while the profile picture can be of the business logo. The bio can be a short description or contact information, including a link to the company website or Facebook page. Afterward, in settings, one can change the name of the Twitter page (differs from the handle) to the full name of the business.
  3. Sending the first message is simple, enter the text in the text box on the profile page and click “tweet.” It must stay within a 280-character limit. However, the first message must be the first opportunity to introduce the business to the platform, remaining short and relevant. Using hashtags through # symbol makes the tweet searchable and it appears in the news feed under that hashtag. Afterward, it is encouraged to find followers by using business tools which Twitter offers as well as following businesses and contractors in the area of operations.

Benefit for the Company

Central Mortar is a company which works in a very specialized sector and its commercial cement products do not have the marketing appeal that one might consider in traditional social media advertising. However, the key to blogging and microblogging is providing interesting, relevant, and up-to-date information about the organization’s products and services. Blogging provides an opportunity to present Central Mortar’s business to potential clients. The company has significant experience, technical expertise, and a wide variety of cement products used in all types of buildings. However, very few customers will take the time to research the company and read any technical literature the company may publish. The consumer wants immediate access to information presented in an appealing manner which proves the technical expertise and industry leadership that Central Mortar offers. This coincides with the company strategy of selling to smaller dealers and individual consumers since a blog is an excellent opportunity to showcase the products, end-results, and customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, microblogging is the tool which can be used to keep the followers and clientele engaged along with syndicating and promoting the primary blog. Often, people subscribe to businesses for the content without originally deciding to purchase the products. However, with carefully crafted marketing, microblogging can be used to interact with interested customers, announce sales, hold contests, and simply share interesting facts about business operations. A marketing mix of products along with initiatives such as environmentally friendly materials and sustainable methods that Central Mortar seeks to offer can be beneficial to generating traffic and orders. Microblogging also allows for direct consumer contact, allowing to answer frequent questions or receive feedback for the improvement of the company. There are many potential benefits to microblogging for Central Mortar, including indirect outcomes such as the ability to test-run large advertisement campaigns on a smaller scale or receive opinions about an innovative or consumer-oriented product that the company may choose to sell. Opportunities are limitless, it is important to simply learn the basics of blogging and social media marketing while understanding the popular market and consumer trends.

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