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My Visit to the Great Rift Valley Essay

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Updated: Sep 12th, 2021


The great rift valley is one of the wonderful sceneries that one should visit, the rift valley passes through many countries and one of these countries Is Kenya which is the country I chose to visit in order to view the rift valley. I was also curious to visit Kenya to view other sceneries but my main objective was to visit the Great Rift Valley.

This was in April last year when I flew to Kenya just to tour the country, I thought the valley was just some meters deep and some meters wide but to amusement, I later realized it was such a deep and wide valley in a way that it can be seen by a person from the moon, this shows how big the valley is.

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From my early geography classes we had learned about the formation of the rift valley which was formed by earth movements, the rift valley is one of its kind in the world and the teacher explained that there once occurred two cracks in the earth, then the land between the two cracks sunk to form what was later known as the great rift valley.

When you travel down the valley you will experience changes in a climate whereby inside the valley the temperatures are higher and this can be explained by the fact that the higher you go the cooler it becomes. The valley is also home to many lakes examples in Kenya are Lake Victoria and Lake Bogoria.

Lake Victoria is a rift valley lake which is a freshwater lake but the lake has no outlet, experts however explain that the lake is a freshwater lake because its outlet is an underground passage that is linked to the Indian Ocean where it drains its water.

The decision to go and view the rift valley in Kenya was because the country has many types of scenery which one would access easily when you are in the country, the people are very friendly and there is a high level of security in the country. Visiting Kenya was an advantage in that I was in a position to view wildlife in their natural habitat and also this visit gave me the chance to view the wild beast migration from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara national park which has been named the eighth wonder of the world, to view the migration of this herd comes only once in a year as the herd search for greener pastures due to seasonal changes in the two countries.

Back to the rift valley, climate changes as you move down valley, you feel the changes in that when you are on top the temperatures are cooler and as you move down the valley temperatures start to rise, at the top of the valley you can view many kilometers of landscape that are in the valley, houses people and even animals and this was a great experience for me to visit a country rich its culture and also landscapes one had never dreamt to have existed.

However, it was not clear to me what would have caused the creation of the rift valley and why people were not afraid to live in the valley in case any earth movements would trigger another distortion of the valley because many people live in the valley which has very fertile land and their main activity there is both farming and the tourism-related activities.

The rift valley passes through other countries and stretches as far as through Tanzania and also Egypt, it stretches many kilometers through many countries in Africa and scientists believe that the formation of the valley occurred at the same time and the formation was not a process.

From my visit I discovered that no man would create such a valley, the formation of the valley is something that changed my perception of the world we live in today, people do not realize that the formation of such sceneries only signifies the power that the creator has and why he had to create such sceneries, why did God create such sceneries, and this made me realize that God is such powerful that such a scenery was made by him with all the people and sceneries it encompasses.


My travel to see the rift valley changed my perception of nature, human beings should learn to protect the natural environment because we never know what the future holds for us, there are many sceneries in this world in which one may wish to go but as the saying goes nature is very unforgiving and that is where we have threats such as global warming due to increased pollution, if we don’t do something fast then nature will take its cause which will not be that friendly to human beings, the sinking of such large mass of the rift valley shows the extent into which nature can undergo significant changes that human beings may not be in a position to reverse.



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