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Concept of Narrative Essay

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Updated: Jun 26th, 2020

A narrative essay can be defined as a story written for a certain purpose and point. People have many stories they need to tell and they therefore write narrative essays for particular audiences or for their own satisfaction. In workplaces, narratives essays are not common occurrences but at times individuals might be asked to give a report on conferences they attended or give an account of something that happened. Narrative essays give the writers an opportunity to speak about themselves.

People have experiences they wish to share with their friends thus narrative essays provide the necessary tools for telling these stories in understandable ways. Narrative essays usually tell stories about the lives of individuals. They may also talk about memorable people or events that took place in the past (Essayinfo 3).

Although it is advisable not to begin narrative essays with I, this may be used to initiate creativity in a narrative essay. It is also a requirement that narrative essays be written in chronological order. However, it does not imply that the rules have to be always followed because narrative essays may be boring when told in this style.

Use of descriptive language is an effective way of drawing the attention of the readers into the experiences of the writer. Verbs adverbs and adjectives that make the reader create visual images should be used in narrative essays.

The writing of a narrative essay should be conversational for the writers to sound as if they tell the story verbally as opposed to a written one. This is made possible by applying metaphors, anecdotes and other related tales within the narrative.

The writer should think of the most comfortable way the story would have been told and write a narrative essay that way. It is always important to start with a draft then transform it into a complete narrative essay. Most narrative tales are told in the 1st person and this applies to a narrative essay.

However, if the essay talks about the experiences of other individuals, she or he may be used. Consistency is crucial in the narrative essay thus if it starts in the first person, the whole essay should be written in the first person. The most important thing to note in writing a narrative essay is that its basis is real events. As a result, it follows all the rules of an essay as opposed to a mere story (Essayinfo 4 ).

Narrative essays start by explaining the topic and then introduce the characters. A basic premise is included in the introduction which in simple terms shows the lesson learnt from the experience and what makes the story important. From the draft of the essay, an individual writing a narrative essay should pick out the most suitable points that give a detailed explanation of the story.

The points should have a close link with the premise of the narrative essay. In the development of the essay, descriptive tests that imply that there is enough information to support the premise should be included.

Just like normal essays, the last paragraph in a narrative essay serves to conclude it. In the conclusion, the premise is restated and a summary of the events leading to such a conclusion presented. Descriptive language and a premise in narrative essays usually make the essays interesting to read. Explaining personal experiences or the experiences of others in narrative essays makes it possible for individuals to relate with memorable events in ways that are easy to understand (Essayinfo 5).

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