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The Global Water Shortage Problem Solution Essay


The paper examines water crisis from a global view. The paper reveals solutions to global water shortage. Water crisis is a mighty problem in the world. The universal human right to clean water has not achieved any benefits. The availability of clean water still eludes many communities in Africa in particular and the world in general.

The effect of water crisis includes: agricultural crisis, international tensions, boarder conflicts, health status, deaths from water related diseases, food insecurity to mention a few. The facts about the effects of water crisis require immediate transformation. The solution lies in the unity of the world. World leaders must come together to solve the problem. Taxes must be realized from import duties to facilitate water projects worldwide. Developed nations must assist poorer nations to build water channels or create dams.

Water crisis

The world population is affected by different factors. For example, religion can move people like ideology. Water is another agent that moves people and affect the lives of millions of people (Thomas, 2009). Water crisis is a global issue and needs urgent attention. Water has many uses; it includes drinking, for industries, for transportation, for energy, for recreation, for protection to mention a few.

Lack of water can move people from one location to another, the abundance of water can also change the location of its inhabitants. The declaration of universal human right accords the right to clean water as universal human rights. The absence of clean water will affect the health status of every individual (Young & Jaspars, 2001).

Global water crisis: The figures

I. 2.4 billion People do not have access to clean drinking water.

II. 4.3 billion people lack access to proper sanitation.

III. 3.3 million people die annually due to water related diseases.

IV. 200,000 children die daily due to water related diseases.

V. Water crisis causes food insecurity.

VI. Agricultural crisis contributes to the increased tensions around the world.

VII. Environmental crisis affects the world population in Africa.

VIII. Water crisis results in more deaths than war.

Water crisis is severe in Africa. The death toll rises each year from water related diseases. Drought causes problems for African people. It is estimated that the quantity of water used by an American in a single bath is three times more than the quantity of water used by three people in Africa (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2005). Countries must unite to tackle water shortages and save our generation. Developed nations should help poor countries to build dams and reservoirs.

The world water council must create awareness of the issue. World leaders must enact laws to guarantee clean water to its citizens. There should be increased funding for water projects worldwide. Advanced technologies must be acquired and shared among poorer countries to improve the situation. Government must decentralize water management.

Agriculture: Water crisis cause agricultural crisis. Food security is threatened because of water shortage. Irrigation farming is affected by water drought. The prices of food increases annually and the availability of materials for farming are difficult.

Environmental crisis: Water shortage affects rivers and dam. The quantity of water withdrawn accounts for 60% of water loss in the savannah region (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2005).

International tensions: There is an eminent danger worldwide due to water shortages. Tension may arise due to growing need for water. Many governments are building secret reservoirs to save water and create artificial dams this may result in conflicts between countries that hare the river basins.

Human Health: The rise in water shortage increases the health problems across Africa. It is estimated that 1 million children die annually in Africa due to water related diseases. The universal declaration of portable clean water has not resulted in any meaningful improvement. People suffer water shortage and when one gets water the chances of clean water is slim. Waterborne disease increases each day. The rate of child mortality due to water crisis is estimated at 45% in 2004, and 59% in 2012 (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2005).


More emphasis should be on water shortage and human health. World leaders must come together to contribute their quota to solve water shortage. Poorer countries should be supported to build water channels through different water basins. The unity of the world is the best solution to water shortages; it is a sure path to progress. The world water council should monitor the progress of water projects in poorer countries and facilitate in funding those projects.

Taxes should be imposed on every import goods worldwide to release funds for the support of water projects. Water shortage is a global challenge that seeks to unite the world. To find a lasting solution, the unity of the world is a necessity. Countries with abundance of water can build long water channels which passes through different countries to assist poorer countries. The world has faced different challenges in the past, and can adequately surpass this crisis if they unite.


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