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New Venture Business Plan Proposal Essay

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Updated: Jun 24th, 2019

Concept and Its Importance

Nowadays, there are many options for people to develop their business. People should be ready for making fast and well-grounded solutions, get adjusted to the changes, and do not be afraid to try something new. Still, keeping to the tradition is also a good strategy. In this project, it is offered to introduce a new bakery shop.

Modern people are so involved in using numerous technologies that they simply forget about the beauty of the real life. A new bakery shop aims at reminding people about taste, freshness, and the reality that is around and offering the best services at affordable prices. It is a combination of fresh bakery products with supplementary services like coffee, tea, fresh juice, etc.

A fresh bakery concept can be interesting to business people, who want to diversify their routine lives, families, the members of which want to enjoy the quality of food, and even single people, who are able to feel a kind of family support among the workers of the shop.

Concept as an Opportunity

The peculiar feature of the chosen concept is to prove that bakery is not just the sphere for people to work in. It is an opportunity for different people to create something new, special, and tasty. The idea to create a bakery shop with a number of services offered to people is not random. It is developed on the basis of a number of suggestions and opportunities.

First, it is a chance to start cooperating with different stores to deliver the products to and to buy the products for work. Second, it is an opportunity to use the services of independent farmers and rely on their natural products and quality.

Finally, a properly advertised bakery shop with a good reputation is a chance to enlarge the sphere of services and open an online shop offering the products to people from different places and delivery them on good terms. With time, there should be an opportunity to create an attractive discount system that underlines the appreciation to regular customers.


To implement the offered ideas about the bakery shop, it is necessary to choose a good team of workers, the experts from different spheres. To start the chosen business, the following people are required:

  1. Two bakers to be responsible for the quality of products offered;
  2. Two people to serve the customers (one female and one male);
  3. Two managers to choose a building, organize the work, and consider the risks, etc.

The materials should not be all new because the task is to create a home-like atmosphere. It is possible for the chosen people to look for some interesting antique things at home.

Of course, some expendable material should be bought; therefore, it is necessary to take care of the funding details. To avoid any business relations misunderstandings, it is possible to make an agreement with a bank and discuss all conditions on their terms without any threats to a new business development.

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