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Nursing as an Exemplary Career Essay

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Once an individual reaches a certain age, the question about their future life and career becomes sharply important. While some people might have had a dream job since they were young children, others are faced with the need to decide which career path to take and what steps ought to be made if this path is to become successful in the future. In the process of making such a decision, one should think carefully about what areas of expertise appear attractive to them, and whether they will be interesting and fruitful. The issue of the benefit for the society is also of crucial importance, for one’s job should not only bring profits but also allow other individuals to benefit if the quality of life in the society is to be improved. It is my opinion that I have found a career which will not only be interesting and fruitful for me but also will help society greatly, for the need for representatives of the nursing profession is considerable in our country nowadays. There are several reasons why I believe this career path will be perfect for me; these reasons will be discussed below.

The Reasons for Becoming a Nurse

First of all, it is my conviction that even though the nursing profession is often difficult and challenging, being a nurse will bring me a great amount of joy and pleasure. Of course, nurses are forced to face a wide array of difficult and unpleasant situations in their job. They sometimes have to make ethically difficult decisions, and then face the consequences of these decisions (Burston and Tuckett 321). They bear a large amount of responsibility for their actions, for the life and well-being of their patients depend on them. However, it is also clear that nurses, as well as other representatives of the medical professions, save the lives of people. Nurses also provide people with care and attention in the moments when these people need them most of all. It has always been my desire to be able to help people directly, which is why I am fully convinced that becoming a nurse will allow me to gain a considerable amount of joy from assisting people, even despite the numerous difficulties I will be forced to face.

Next, it should be pointed out that there is a considerable dearth of representatives of the nursing profession in the United States of America nowadays. A variety of studies conducted by different scholars stress the growing importance of this profession in our country. It is stated that, while doctors possess more extensive theoretical knowledge in the field of medicine, their training is quite expensive, and takes a very large amount of time to complete (Crawford et al. 549). On the other hand, training nurses is significantly cheaper. Nurses are more focused on the issues of practical care and treatment of patients, and thus, for the vast majority of cases, a visit to a nurse is more than sufficient to address the health issue that the patient has developed (Ajeigbe et al. 141). These facts result in the growing demand for the representatives of the nursing profession in our society today. Therefore, it is clear that becoming a nurse will allow me to contribute to the satisfaction of this growing demand, therefore letting me benefit society through my professional activities, which I believe is an important goal for me to pursue.

Finally, becoming a nurse will allow me to contribute to the development of society in some other ways. For example, being a representative of the profession which requires its members to have a great amount of both theoretical and practical knowledge will supply me with certain “weight,” symbolic capital, which will permit me to more efficaciously engage in social activity aimed at improving the level of health care in the United States and possibly in other countries of the world. Networking with the countries from my country and from abroad might permit me, together with my colleagues, to implement a variety of positive social changes that will be beneficial for society (Hutchinson and Jackson 18-19). Also, it will be possible for me to pursue further education and become a nurse researcher, thus also contributing to the improvement of the level of care that the representatives of the medical professions can provide for their patients.


Therefore, I believe that an ideal career path for me is becoming a nurse. There are numerous reasons for this conviction of mine, but, first of all, being a representative of this profession will permit me to directly help people in the moments when they need assistance most of all, which, I am certain, will let me experience much joy. Second, nurses are in high demand in the U.S. nowadays, and becoming one can let me help satisfy this demand, thus contributing to the well-being of society. And finally, possessing vast medical knowledge and networking with my colleagues will permit me to both engage in social activity and conduct research, which might also ultimately improve the quality of life in our country and possibly even in other places in the world.

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