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The “Occupy” Movement Essay

The changes that people implement shape and determine societies. Governments run countries and nations but there are moments when people rebel against authority or the regime that has been set by those in power. For as long as there have been governments, there were people who wanted to set a new world order and cause a revolution. There are also many historical examples when revolutions have failed, as certain criteria are needed for people to overtake the power and make themselves heard.

he specific laws that must be present are great numbers of people, common goal and organization, more specifically unity where people are ready for almost anything to change the world. One recent example of people protesting and demonstrating, demanding to change the policies and regulations is Occupy movement. It started because of an issue that was dominating for some time.

The market and economy of the world are run by those in power and with vast resources, so it is understandable why people would be displeased. Even though it was a righteous protest, as it is unfair that 1 per cent of the population holds all the wealth while the rest drag behind, it could have been carried out in a different manner, as to have more influence (Rosenfeld 2011).

The outrage of people can be considered adequate, as it is unequal treatment of the social norms and policies that are in place. The fact that 99 per cent of the population has to live on the verge of middle class or below is unacceptable by any standards. The beginning of the protest started for all the right reasons. People were demanding better distribution of money and an adjustment of the taxation system. Also, the artists wanted more attention towards their work and contribution to the society (Webb 2011).

It is a correct policy where taxes are larger for those with greater property and more wealth, while those with fewer resources can be exempt from paying certain fees. People who want to start own business, need money for development but they are forced to pay the same amount to the government, as the business that are extremely prosperous and make millions of dollars. One of the strong sides of the protest was the involvement of youth, the generation that holds the future (Helmiere 2012).

It is crucial that the world changes to fit the new standards and the policies are molded to the modern times. After seeing that the young individuals care and want to have a part in influencing the society and the way it is run, others started to join. This was turning into a strong movement with people of all ages and races demanded more jobs, benefits to help them prosper in the unbalanced society and the disappearance of separation between classes (Elmhirst 2011).

The start of the protest happened for moral and ethical reasons and this is the strongest point. People were able to gather for the common purpose and their demands were the same. All the protests that broke out in the past were based on the unified theme of equality and people demanding respect and fair treatment from the government.

It became extremely effective, as people were demonstrating for their rights and freedoms, towards resources and strength of the nation. The fact that it was done according to the highest morals, people demanding jobs and not refusing to work when offered, strongly establishes the people in the right for peaceful assembly and protest.

A very efficient and determinant point of the demonstrations was that the majority of people are struggling and the direct targeting of the large masses has proven effective. The Native population also took proactive part on showing that they also need respect and their rights acknowledged. A better treatment of the land was another big issue (Poynter 2013). The organization of the protest was very well established because the selection of the place was significant.

Most public places in Toronto and Montreal became the center of activity where it was clear that people wanted to be visible and heard. It was somewhat surprising, in a positive way, that hundreds of thousands of people came out to the streets to show that presence and voice an opinion. This occurrence showed the government that people have become serious and want to see the world to take a turn for the better (Dodds 2007).

Even though the reasons and beginning of the protest were taking a turn for the higher moral principles, there were some views that had an opposite opinion. The structure and total organization of the protest and accomplishment of preset goals was somewhat hazy and lacked specifics. The movements did not have a designated leader who could be the representative between people and serve as a speaker towards the government.

Any large demonstration of people must present demands and have an intelligent person who can state people’s wishes in the most concise and efficient manner. Some media voiced an opinion that the protest was chaotic and had no clear goal. It seemed people have just come out and wanted to have a “good time” (Hughes 2011). The overall effect that the protest had was very enthusiastic and reasonable.

The public has brought an important issue to the eyes and ears of the government, and proved that it is not afraid to protest and voice direct and demanding opinion (Cameron 2009). People were prepared to stay in parks overnight and police had no choice but to get involved. The fact that the protest was peaceful and according to the constitution, was a significant part of the organized movement, even though some arrests still occurred (Ofer 2012).

The valuable lessons that Occupy movement has brought to the attention of policy makers is the organization of city authorities and rescue crews that might be needed, in case large amounts of people flow into the streets. This might happen for many reasons but the final result has proven to be positive for both protestors and city administration (Barnett 2012). The process was a unique one for the majority of people and the confidence that the public had from the organized event was an undeniable win for the community and nation.

Occupy protests have had both beneficial and negative sides. People realized that they can get together and share a common idea that is influential and closely related to the modern world. The unification between the younger and older generation and people from various backgrounds proved that people living in the same nation can forget their differences and care for the majority. There were some organizational and imperfectly structured flaws but in general, the movement was a great sign that in case it is needed, it will resurface.

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