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Olga Belyaeva’s Paintings Critique Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Dec 30th, 2021


Every competent artist will find it’s worthwhile taking the risks of welcoming critiques in his/her work. An artist should not be afraid of what people comment about his work since not all people may like or love his work. In most cases, critiques made by many people are disheartening which ought not to be the case. In relation to this, compassion is very vital in making critiques about an artist’s work. This paper will focus on giving a critique of the paintings of Olga Belyaeva.

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Firstly, the work of Olga Belyaeva is very impressive and eye-catching; where in this situation the selection of the subject is well suited in the paintings. The size and shape of the paintings are well fitted with the subject underpainting. Though the artist has made his work out of imagination, he has established a reasonable size and shape of the demons and angels thus making his paintings nice. The shades of colors used have also been well planned thus making the audience move from one image to another.

Importantly, the artist’s statement well suits his intended aim and has well conveyed his message. The selection of the topic on angels and demons is well interpreted by the paintings. The picture of demons is well outlined in the paintings thus helping in meeting the intended aim. In this case, the viewers are well convinced about the true picture of angels and demons through the paintings on the two subjects. Additionally, the title of the painting prepares the viewers psychologically about what they are expecting. It may not be pleasing to see paintings of demons, but with the assistance of the title, one is well prepared to accommodate what is he/she will see.

Significantly, the work of Olga Belyaeva is acknowledged for his intelligence in the selection of the subject matter. The subject of demons and angels is unexpected and very controversial. Though many painters have in the past done commendable works on the same subject; this subject remains intriguing. Generally, the paintings are symbolic in nature and are easily able to convey the message about the subjects. In comparison with the previous artist on the same subject, these paintings are outstanding and worth to be watched.

Further, the emotional response of the paintings is generally bearable. Despite that the subject is scary and unusual; the emotional reaction of the audience is manageable in that the artist has wisely and tactically arranged the images. The paintings are in a sad mood which properly relates to the subject of the paintings. The essence of painting about demons required adequate consultation which is well outlined by the artist. Generally, many people may not find it easy viewing paintings on demons, but the artist has well-arranged the images in order to accommodate the emotional response of the viewers.

From another perspective, the composition of the various elements in the paintings has been well placed. In relation with this, the eye is able to flow though out the whole painting. The elements of the paintings have equally be spaced thus eliminating chances of one image dominating the painting. Additionally, the key focus is slap-bang in the middle thus ensuring a balanced display of the elements. The originality of the artist is a major area of acknowledgement which helps to show his expertise and intelligence. This is because his work is neither a copy of reality nor a copy of a photograph.

Significantly, the skill depicted from the painting is a true picture of expertise and professionalism. The general display of the work shows clearly that the artist is not a beginner rather a person with experience. The artist has technically integrated the elements throughout the paintings thus making it absolutely appealing to be viewed. It noted that, the composition and arrangement of the images in the whole painting has be wisely done thus making the painting nice.

The paintings are impressing in that they are eye catching and very nice to pay attention to. The display of the paintings is well coordinated and gives an elaborate explanation of the message being communicated. This aspect of the paintings makes it worthwhile for a person to keep watching. Despite the fact that the paintings are not about real objects or human beings, the concept of painting about angels and demons is a very wise idea. The aspect of painting on the angels and demons will actually draw a big audience due to curiosity of many people. Based on this case, imagination has played a major role thus pulling a huge audience.

On the contrary, Olga Belyaeve has failed in the aspect of using color; where in this case the use of color has not been realistic. The use of dull colors is not admirable and the makes the whole work to lose the expected attention. Additionally, the size of the images is controversial in that it does not portray a true picture of reality. In this case, the size of the elements are not appealing thus leading to distortions and failure to concentrate.


In sum, the paintings of Olga Belyaeva are generally nice and worth to be viewed. In this case, all the aspects of painting have been considered thus making his work to be pleasing. Nevertheless, a few adjustments should be made concerning; size, color, and texture so as to perfect the paintings.

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