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Organization Structure and Design: Matrix structure Essay


This essay paper covers the disadvantages of using matrix structure in organization. The matrix structure is regarded as the old system way of management, which applied in the old organization. Currently, many organizations do not prefer it, as it brings many challenges than the positive outcomes.

The paper also focuses on the factors that lead industries to use teams in their operations. For instance, there is an overview of two industries and their reasons of using teams, such as health and chemical manufacturing industries.

Matrix structure is the system where, the organization decides to make use of different teams in achieving a set objective. Every team is led by a manager and may be several supervisors to look over the activities. These teams are organized depending on the type of the project that the company is undertaking.

When working, people on the ground are supposed to report to more than one manager or supervisor (Samson & Daft, 2009). Most of people disregard this type of structure in the organization but just like any other authority structure, it has its benefits and shortcomings.

The organization should weigh its both sides to decide whether to apply it or not. To some extent, the matrix structure is used by the organization when there is no other option. The matrix structure is an old system that was used by organizations because they were too big to be managed by one manager.

This structure applied well in the past as those organizations were undertaking complex projects that required that king of a structure.

In addition, the matrix structure can also be the last option as currently cannot be used in small organizations, as it cannot work well. In small organizations, the best structure to use is the hierarchical authority.

The matrix structure mostly applies where there is a project, and most of the organizations make use of it only for projects use, such that disqualifying it as a structure that can be relied upon for daily-to-daily activities. Incase the matrix structure is used by the organization, the success or failure of the work assigned is directly connected to the manager in question.

The work done under the matrix structure is measured in terms of different teams, such that instead of the whole organization being approved for the success, the leading team gets all the credits for the well-done job. In several occasions, matrix structure has led to conflict in many organizations between the functional managers and the team.

Some functional managers and the supervisors may feel that they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing, and hence may oppose or bring some arguments with the team leaders.

Severally, confusion has been witnessed in organizations, whereby the employees or the ground people for the project are required to report to more than one manager or supervisor.

The normal format of the organization is that every individual has the actual person to whom he or she should report to and to whom he or she should seek for assistance. The matrix system comes with another unique way of working whereby one may be required to consult and rely on different personnel for information and updates (Clegg, Kornberger, & Pitsis, 2005).

The matrix structure works best for only the organizations that are project based. It may not apply to all the organizations, as its applications may be limited to some extent.

When an organization decides to make use of matrix structure, its stakeholders especially the clients get a notion that their relied organization is still making use of the tradition ways of leadership, which is an indication of lack of modernization.

It is the nature of the clients to appreciate the advancements of the organization from where they purchase their goods or services in both technology and in management.

A team in an organization is a group of people organized by the organization management, to be relied upon meeting a certain objective. If there are several teams in an organization set to accomplish a certain goal, they work interdependently through interacting within the organization.

The major role of the organizations team is to gather the information and input from the employees, which can contribute towards the achieving of the organizations goals.

Recently, through several research done by experts, most organizations have started making use of teams in their activities of achieving their set goals. Several factors have led to this action such that the uses of teams in an organization have led to an easier way of solving the business complexities of the business world.

By teams in an organization, the opportunity of applying the highest level of internal complexity of the management is created. In several organizations, some complex projects are taking place of late. The management is finding a better way of dividing those projects into small manageable parts that can be handled effectively within the given duration.

When a long-term project is divided into short-term parts, the organization looks for the experts of every part, who can handle the work effectively immediately.

The use of different teams in an organization is of benefit to the organization, as there are no individuals who have all the knowledge and skills, that may be required to perform a certain task. When people are working as a team within the organization, they work closely to their work, an act that makes them to perform best and improve in performances (Samson & Daft, 2009).

It is the wish of every employee to feel as part of their success, and the chance of working as a team gives them a chance to work directly to their responsibilities through contributions of ideas and working together. Through the team working groups, there are possibilities for empowerments that may be hard to be attained by individuals.

For instance, in the health industry the use of teams has been a successful action, whereby several teams have been established to work on different projects. The major factor that results to the healthy industry using the teams is the work diversity, whereby there are many clients to be served, many employees, and their firms are diversified.

In this industry, the use of teams has increased the productivity in the work output hence more clients are served more effectively within a very short duration. This industry is always serving many people at the same time, and the use of the teams has helped a greater deal.

There are specific and most strategic goals that need to be achieved at the right time and with teams’ big organizations are managing to serve their customers more effectively. As long as the teams organized are equipped with enough resources and time, they will perform their best.

For instance, in healthy industry they make use of different teams like leadership team comprised of the seniors in the organization and lead the main activities of the organization (Krone 2008).

The leadership team would work towards pointing the strategic direction through which the organization will pass through in achieving the set goals. The leadership team of the health industry does the planning, sets goals, and provides the guidance of managing the whole industry. Through this, the industry gets some specific people through which the leadership can be relied upon.

Another type of team used by the health industry is the motivation team, that is mostly supposed to be organizing events and activities to help employees maintain a high and positive spirit to enable them work effectively and achieve their goals.

For instance, the motivational team performs activities such as organizing employees’ lunches, planning for the organizations trips, and in some cases may plan of contributing funds to support the healthy challenged employees.

Through the motivational team, the whole of healthy industry manages to celebrate the success of the company through recognizing the best performers, celebrating the employees birthdays and new born welcoming parties.

The industry helps its diverse employees to participate in sports through the arrangements of the motivational team. The diversity of the work and the employees would always make the industry to use a certain team that would reach all the working places and to all employees.

Another example is in the chemical manufacturing industries where special attention to the employees is required. The size of the industry may not allow the management to reach every employee to create some awareness (Hanagan, 2005).

What the industry makes use of is the safety and environmental team, to reach all the employees in the firms. This is type of a team that may be required in all types of industries for the welfare of the employees, but in chemical producing industries, it’s the most important team. This team is dedicated to ensure the employees are very safe, as they work on high risky areas.

This team plans on how the employees will be trained on safety issues, and how to take care of themselves while performing their duties.

This team ensures that the employees are aware of what is safe of them through conducting safety talks, rules of housekeeping, and how to organize the work to avoid careless mistakes that may be very costly (Krone 2008).

The management may not afford to hold meetings with the employees, especially to discuss such sensitive issues due to limitation of time, but such a team can work effectively as all the responsibilities concerning the safety are all under their care.

Another team that the chemical manufacturing industries make use of is employee wellness team that mainly focuses on the health and fitness issues of the employees.

The employees in such an industry are highly prone to chemicals that may cause diseases, and so they need to be screened regularly by a dedicated team to avoid health issues going to an extent of causing serious health conditions.

The employee wellness team conducts such activities like walking clubs, and running groups (Abraham 2007). Through this team, the employees are capable of performing regular testing of some health conditions like testing the blood pressure, and the blood sugar levels.

The employee wellness team goes beyond the employees’ health to investment issues. If the management of the industry can be relied upon taking care of all such issues that may affect the employees, some issues may never have time to be addressed.

Through fully relying on the actions of the management, several organizations have left many sensitive issues untouched, as the workload may be too much. For every part and every employee in the industry to feel catered for, the use of teams has made it possible.

Moreover, the use of teams has made the employees to participate directly in the decision making of the organization. The employees form the teams, and therefore they get a chance to work directly in achieving the companies’ objectives.

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