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Pak-Suzuki Company’s New Technologies Research Paper

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Updated: Dec 11th, 2019


Companies like Pak-Suzuki are always on the lookout for new technologies, which can fit into their organizations to leverage their competence in the competitive business market. On noticing the increasing demand for innovation, Pak-Suzuki integrated information systems and established innovation systems to remain competent in the market. The demands for the new technologies have caused changes in the business objectives of Pak-Suzuki.


As technology is influential, companies have always tried to align their business objectives with the emerging changes in technologies to spur corporate growth. Gefen argues that new technologies change the way businesses operate, especially the business objectives (730).

Companies are targeting to achieve short-term and long-term goals and objectives to achieve competitive advantages over rival firms. A typical example of a company is Pak-Suzuki. The company has established the importance of reviewing its business objectives and aligning them with new and emerging technologies to enable effectiveness of decision making (Hoque 234).

When new technologies emerge in an organization, changes to the business objectives are essential to ensure organizational dominance in the competitive markets (Tanriverdi 60). For instance, Pak-Suzuki is a company that operates within the highly competitive automotive industry and always revises its objectives to keep abreast with the growing technology.

Changing these objectives enables the company to pursue its business goals, achieve higher profits, ensure constant growth, increase its returns on investment, expand the market share, augment the sales flow, improve the corporate image and reputation, and increase the shareholder values (Pirzada and Ahmed 49).

Literature Review

As means of transforming its operational techniques and corporate processes, modern companies have sought to integrate new technologies and revise their aims and objectives towards matching the emerging innovations (Wymbs 465). Research has associated modern technology with increased positive reputation and corporate trust (Gefen 927).

Many companies such as Pak-Suzuki have always struggled to ensure that they remain competitive in the market by aligning their business goals and objectives with the dynamic changes of information technologies (Chan 9). The Pak-Suzuki has recently adopted new technologies into its business operations.

A study done by Pirzada and Ahmed indicates that Pak Suzuki is a leading automobile industry in Pakistan, which has modern technology and offers quality products to consumers (95). While different companies have different objectives, it is crucial to note that a significant number of companies are realigning their objectives to meet the expectations of technology (Tanriverdi 63).

Companies such as Pak-Suzuki use information technology to leverage the achievement of the strategic objectives (Pirzada and Ahmed 95). Current business models such as the e-enterprise business model perceive technology as a driving force of the witnessed changes within the corporate world (Hoque 43).


What motivated and inspired this study is the growing urge to discover the rationale behind the influence of technology on the business objectives.

Problem statement

Many business organizations struggle to maintain their competitive advantages against their rivals using new technologies (Chan 34). However, many companies fail to realize the benefits of using the technologies because they do not formulate and align their business objectives so that they can optimize new technologies to their competitive advantages (Tanriverdi 65).

To address the problem, this study explores the effects new technologies have on the business objectives of firms such as Pak-Suzuki to enable the companies understand how to modify their objectives to optimize the emerging technologies that have currently proven more efficient than before (Chan 12).

Objectives of the research

  • To determine Pak-Suzuki’s objectives, which need to be reviewed in accordance with new changes in technologies
  • To evaluate how information technology enables managers to change Pak-Suzuki’s objectives
  • To establish how the business objectives are aligned with a company’s new technology


The scope of the study remained limited to Pak-Suzuki Company’s business objectives, which have undergone appropriate revisions purposely to align with the new technology that has spurred operational changes in the company.

Research Methodology

This study holds that there is much empirical evidence of the existing literature regarding the influence of technology on the objectiveness and planning of companies. The study adopted the triangulation research methodology that has its basis on the literature review of different studies on the effects of technology on the company’s objectives, with Pak-Suzuki as the case study.

Through the qualitative research approach, the study engaged both the primary and secondary data materials. Printed and online journals were sources of secondary data, while the website of Pak-Suzuki offered the most needed primary data.

The business model involved

Diagram showing the major elements of the e-enterprise business model

Fig: Diagram showing the major elements of the e-enterprise business model

The diagram above describes the business technology model on which the study hinges upon. According to Hoque, the e-enterprise business model describes the manner in which technology transforms the operations of companies in the modern business world (32).

With the e-enterprise business model, companies seek to make any appropriate changes to its operational techniques predominantly to match the demanding changes in innovation (Hoque 43).

The model holds that technology transforms corporate operations and forces companies to streamline their objectives and targets (Hoque 51). With technology, an influence on company operations is increasing and companies have found need to revise their targets and objectives.

Results and Analysis

The revised objectives to meet technological demands

Figure: The revised objectives to meet technological demands

Analysis for research objective one

The company has established that business objectives, namely, productivity, profitability, company growth, human resource training, improvement of the core values of the organization, marketing, competitive analysis, change management, quality products and services, optimal use of resources, and customer creation provide specific direction to the company’s goals, which change according to the company’s adoption of information systems.

Analysis of objective two

Information technology is one of the technologies that Pak-Suzuki has integrated into its business operations and has changed the company’s objectives by transforming the business rules, which include the payment system that the company uses in its financial transactions between the customers and suppliers (Pirzada and Ahmed 49).

In addition, other issues include the changes in the use of computer networks for real time communication and the use of the networks for training purposes.

Analysis of objective three

Pak-Suzuki has tried to align its business objectives to match the changes in technology to make the business operations compatible with the new changes.

Pak-Suzuki’s objectives, which the management has tailored to match with the new changes in information technology, include increasing profits, innovating current and existing products and services to meet the ever changing customer behavior, needs, and expectations, making optimal use of the firm’s resources, and increasing the firm’s productivity (Chan 23).

Discussion: the computerized workplace

Computer networks in Pak-Suzuki provide a platform for social sites, which are useful in marketing, data mining, and observing the behavior of customers in real time to determine if the business objectives are current and consistent with the strategies of the firm. Some modern technologies that are operating through the computer networks have directly influenced the management of Pak-Suzuki to revise its objectives.

These modern technologies include the use of cashless payment cards such as MasterCard and Visa Card to facilitate the transfer of funds between the customers and suppliers or business organization. Additionally, the company uses information technology to develop its human resources system (Wymbs 89).

Examination of the manner in which Pak-Suzuki has applied information technology on its business objectives shows that it has transformed its business objectives significantly. The linkage provides the company with the ability to identify the type of technologies that can be useful in aligning and supporting the business strategic objectives with the emerging technologies (Pirzada and Ahmed 49).

Moreover, the company is able to determine the competitive strengths and technologies so that it can review the objectives, which map the company’s business goals with the new technologies. Research indicates that when a company sets its strategic objectives, it has to consider the suitability of the type of technology in use and any changes that may arise because of the new technologies.

Due to the rising demand for technology and its perceived efficiency in company operations, a growing research has shown that Pak-Suzuki uses information systems to design and support its manufacturing activities.

Such forms of information technologies enable the firm to pursue and achieve the objectives of increasing productivity, enhancing performance of the performance of its employees, as well as transforming its manufacturing activities (Pirzada and Ahmed 49).

To achieve the objectives, Pak-Suzuki uses technology to facilitate effective decision making, perform appropriate planning, undertake creative designing of products, and carry out precision engineering.


From the study, it is clear that technology has a profound effect on the business objectives of a company. As a case study, Pak-Suzuki has integrated information systems into its operations and continuously reviews its objectives in accordance with the rising demands for the information system. Such approaches have enabled the company to utilize resources and remain competitive.

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