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Battle Against Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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Multiple sclerosis is the development of lesions on the axons of neurons in the brain and in the spinal cord. Currently the disease is considered a terminal condition. As the disease progresses, it disables the affected person, and impairs the abilities of the person to perform to capacity (Joy & Johnston, 2001).

Recently the government formed a team of scientist and tasked the team with the task of determining the possibility of finding a cure for the disease. For the last few months, the team has been conducting research in Europe , and is confident enough to inform the government that a breakthrough in the study of possible causes the disease and the course of its development indicate that it can be cured.

The substance and the therapy that could be used to cure the disease have been identified. However, due to the inadequate financial resources, the team could not develop and test the drug and the therapies in question. The government should consider allocating more funds for the research project for the benefit of the Canadian people. There are several reasons why the government should consider funding this project all the way to its conclusion (Society, 2012).

Prevalence of the Disease in Canada

The Canadian government should consider the position of Canada as a country in the battle against the disease. Although the disease is prevalent in all places around the world, statistics show that it is more prevalent in Canada than most of other places in the world.

Current estimate shows that between fifty-five thousand and seventy thousand Canadians suffer from the disease, and the number is increasing with three new confirmed cases of positive diagnosis daily (Health, 2010). The reason for this disparity is largely unknown, so the best solution for the near future is finalizing the projects aimed at finding the cure for the disease.

Effect of the Disease on the Productive Proportion of the Population

Multiple sclerosis affects young people. Its onset occurs in young adults due to intricately complex physiological processes within the structure of the nervous system. Unfortunately, the disease affects people between teenage and forty years of age, who are the most productive part of the population.

The disease starts with mild symptoms, but later develops into a serious disabling condition where the affected person has seriously impaired physical ability and poor mental coordination (Society, 2012). Any person with multiple sclerosis that is at an advanced stage cannot engage in a meaningful economic activity. In turn, the burden of care also impairs the ability of the relatives and caregivers of the people with multiple sclerosis to engage in productive activities.

This gradual effect costs the country one and a half million dollars for every person diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. More than a third of this financial loss is due to the direct cost of treatment of the condition, and the expenses incurred by those who take care of the disabled people. It is therefore financially beneficial to the government to fund the completion of this project.

Effect of Multiple Sclerosis on the Health Care System

Currently, the treatment and care of people suffering from multiple sclerosis put a significant strain on the healthcare system in terms of personnel, space, facilities and the cost of therapies and treatment to moderate the effects of the disease (Nicole, 2000).

If the government funds a project that with the aim of formulating a direct cure for the disease, costly intensive care needed from the healthcare institutions will be avoided (Society, 2012). In addition, the heath care system will be relieved of the burden brought by management of the disease.

The highlighted reasons are an adequate justification for the government to provide funds to facilitate research on the treatment of the disease. In the long-term, the government and the public will benefit from the research on the cure for the disease.


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