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Positive Psychology for Life Quality Improvement Essay


The majority of issues facing a common person could be considered psychological problems resulting from the blistering development of society and constant increase of the level of stress. Furthermore, the state of a person is also impacted by his/her financial stability that determines the position in society and further perspectives of an individual. These factors obviously promote the pernicious effect on the life of a person, his/her psyche, and self-esteem.

Additionally, the growth of the significance of the financial sector gives rise to a great number of concerns related to the attempts to earn money and guarantee stability and success. However, the great level of rivalry and the modern market environment contribute to the development of a number of psychological disorders that deteriorate the quality of life of an individual and condition the further aggravation of the problem. For these reasons, psychology becomes the crucial concern for the modern world as it might help to mitigate the negative effects of various failures and improve the general state of a person.


The given sphere has always been an important part of science and developed along with society. Yet, the 20th century could be taken as the period of its blistering growth and increase of the popularity. The complexity of the epoch and a great number of stressors introduced the necessity of the further evolution of psychology to help people to overcome challenges appearing on their way. This fact conditioned the rise of psychotherapists and the sector in general.

Additionally, the further evolution of society promoted the growth of numerous schools of psychology that tend to help a person to improve the quality of his/her life and attain success. The popularity of these branches rests on the modern environment that poses a number of stressful situations that trigger some changes in the psyche (Kasser and Ryan 411). Besides, positive psychology also aims at the improvement of the state of a person.

Positive psychology

Defying the term, it uses the psychological understanding of the nature of a human being and intervention to help to attain success and contribute to the personal growth of a person (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 5). As against classical psychology, positive one does not tend to correct some pathology or deviation; however, it is focused on the creation of the conditions beneficial for the development of an individual (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 5).

Moreover, it also could help a person to act in the most efficient way to guaranty the progress and achieve the desired goal. In this regard, one could realize that positive psychology could be used in any sphere of human activity to improve the final results. As mentioned above, finances are one of the major issues of the modern world. That is why the appliance of the main methods and ideas of positive psychology to the financial sector could obviously help to align its better functioning and improve final performance.

Positive thinking

There are several main aspects that could be impacted to advance the sphere of finances. First, it is the alteration of the style of thinking. A number of scientists have sought to determine the effect negative and positive styles might have on the final result of a certain project and its success (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 6). Yet, the modern psychology recognizes the great advantage of the second one and tends to change a persons cognitive processes.

In other words, one of the goals of positive psychology is the assistance in the change of negative styles of thinking to attain success. This aspect is crucial for the sphere of finances as it works with a number of projects designed to provide stable incomes. Under these conditions, the initial positive thinking could be taken as an integral part of the projects development. If a financial specialist is sure that his/her business is successful, he/she will obviously make efforts to promote its evolution.

Teamwork and positive psychology

Second, any significant business is supported by the team of financial specialists who investigate the aspects of its functioning and create the financial plan which is one of the most important documents of the company. For this reason, the efficient cooperation of all members of this team contributes to the stability and conditions the further evolution of the project. The usage of the methods of positive psychology will obviously improve the atmosphere within the collective and increase the level of mutual understanding between its members (Biswas-Diener, Kashdan and Minhas 107).

The identification of the strengths of every member could help to use them in the team endeavor to improve the performance. Moreover, the demonstration of the final goal could increase the level of the intrinsic motivation and guarantee the greater involvement in the project and the better results.


Furthermore, the application of positive psychology could also ameliorate communication within the team. According to the modern approach to management, it is one of the most important aspects of the teamwork. The ability to listen to a partner and accept his/her ideas and suggestions is crucial for the evolution of a team and the whole project. However, the discussion is also vital as it promotes the better understanding of the issue and helps to find the best possible solution.

Unfortunately, during vigorous discussions partners might be rather rude and insensitive to feelings of other team members. For this reason, the adherence to the main principles of positive psychology could help to reconsider some approaches to discussions and criticism. Partners should respect each others point of view and highlight the positive aspects of a certain perspective. The criticism should be reasonable and supported by clear evidence.


Furthermore, positive psychology suggests the PERMA model which consists of five main elements: positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, achievement (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 9). The usage of the given model could advance the field of finance. First, it is necessary to outline the positive sides of the project to assure that it will bring satisfaction and remain interesting to a person. Identification of pleasant aspects is vital for any project as it helps to encourage people and engage them in it. All workers should feel engaged to guarantee the further evolution of the project.

That is why it is crucial to minimize distractions and improve concentration to involve them. The importance of the positive relations within the team has already been discussed, and it is obvious that positive work relations are essential for any team. Finally, it is necessary to highlight the importance of the final result and the useful character of the performed activity as it might contribute to the increase of the level of motivation. Realization of the final achievement will obviously trigger the reconsideration of the attitude to work and condition better final result.


Therefore, the growth of the popularity of positive psychology also introduces the phenomenon of coaching. The term implies the work with an individual to guarantee his/her personal growth and development. The coach is interested in the alteration of a persons lifestyle to create the positive atmosphere and to guarantee his/her personal success. In other words, a specialist works as a personal coach who provides practices to develop certain traits that will be useful in the further life. The cooperation with a coach is crucial for any individual as he/she shifts priorities and creates the ground for the successful start. Additionally, a coach empowers an individual and promotes the reconsideration of his/her values and traits.

It becomes obvious that coaching could be taken as the significant aspect of positive psychology that helps to change the mentality of a person and create the new environment. Very often the work with a coach results in the acquisition of new qualities needed for an individuals personal and professional development. Regarding the financial sphere, coaching in terms of positive psychology could help to reconsider the existing approaches and create the new and more efficient one. Additionally, it could make a person run a new business that will guarantee stable incomes and success.


To summarize, positive psychology is one of the major concerns of the modern society as it helps to create the environment beneficial for the development of a person. The given branch of science is interested not in the mitigation of the negative effects of the modern stressors, but it tends to educate a person how to become successful and not suffer from their pernicious influence. The usage of the given practice could help to improve the functioning of any sphere and guarantee the success of any project.

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