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Power Supply Alternative Proposal

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Updated: Apr 2nd, 2019


Power supply is an electrical gadget that is used by electricians to move electrical energy to its required destination, which are usually electrical loads (Brown 20).

An uninterrupted power supply basically provides emergency power in cases where the input power fails, and this is exactly the kind of power supply fit for this type of a project.

This power supply prevents discontinuation of the test in case of an outrage of power. Failure to prevent damages after power interruptions disqualifies other types of power supplies for this project.

This proposal aims at identifying and recommending the most efficient power supply alternative, which can effectively handle the power outrage problem.

Types of power supply

UPS power supply

There are two types of UPS power supply and they are; online power supply and standby power supply. An online power supply continuously supplies power to the equipment, while the standby type only responds when there is a power outage.

This automatic response is facilitated by a certain circuitry that enables it to respond promptly. On the other hand, the online power supply is usually continuous, and therefore, it does not need a prompt response when there are power interruptions. In case of a power interruption, its batteries are left supplying power to the equipment.

Power backup considerations

One of the things to consider when selecting a power supply, is the amount of time that the USP battery keeps power after a power outage. Another thing to consider is whether the power supply has features that are related to power conditioning. This is important because it can help in trapping inward passing voice. Also to consider, is whether the power supply provides a standby power signal to the server.

Power back up strength

Power retention ability of the USP battery in case of a power interruption is very critical, and should be put into consideration when purchasing a power supply.

Also, it is important to consider the frequency of power interruptions, and the approximate amount of time it takes for power to resume in the region or area where the power supply is being used. Power interruptions are usually caused by controllable and uncontrollable accidents which affect the power lines.

Repair of the power lines in most cases, takes about 5 hours and so, one should ensure that the battery of the power supply can last for at least 5 hours before power resumes.

Volt-ampere rating, which is present in a power supply, can be determined by multiplying current/amperes by the line voltage.

Separate power supply

Two power supplies should be provided since there are two power equipments that are; the oven and the deepfreeze. Each of these two devices should have its own power supply.

Provision of a separate power supply for each chamber reduces the risk of damage, and also makes it easy to differentiate the power supplies (Maniktala 50).

In case of insufficient funds, one can use one power supply because it is a little bit economical but this is very risky. Different power equipments in most cases have varying requirements of power supply, and this therefore makes it necessary to use separate power supplies for each device.

Leasing-versus buying analysis influencing the decision

The following is a leasing-versus buying analysis that guides the decision of purchasing or leasing a power supply. In this analysis, the first step usually involves listing of the lease payments and the purchase price of the item under consideration. The table below breaks down the analysis.

Buy Lease

Today $2500 $525

1 year from today $525

2 years from today $525

3 years from today $525

4 years from today $525

5 years from today $250

The row labeled “today” in the above table, indicates the cost price of the power supply, including its delivery and installation. As per the above case, the purchase, delivery and installation of the power supply today, costs $2500, while leasing it costs $525.

Leasing the power supply for the next 4 years will cost $525 each year, and the fifth year will cost $250. So, if somebody leases the power supply for 5 years, he or she will pay a total of $2350, which is just short of the cost price by $150.

For somebody who bought the power supply at $2500, he or she will still have it after the five years, and probably use it for many years. Putting this into consideration, it is therefore better to buy a power supply rather than leasing it.

Conclusion and recommendation

The penalty of $1000 per day is too much to pay and therefore, to avoid the penalty, it is important to install a power supply that will help in preventing power outrages of the tests.

Though employing electricians to watch the site continuously may sound economical as compared to purchasing and installing a power supply, it is very risky since the electricians cannot prevent test dilapidation. Also, they cannot prevent power stoppage and therefore, it is important to purchase and install a power supply.

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