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Procter & Gamble Essay

The modern society is in a constant progress. The growth of new tendencies involves all the aspects of the people’s life, especially those ones which are connected with the technological development. Today, people have the great opportunities to interact with each other and get the necessary information with the help of a lot of mobile devices.

That is why, the world of mobile devices and smartphones of the new generation is attractive for marketers as the field for expanding the information about the brands, organizations, and products with using the special advertisements. Mobile advertising is important for promoting different products with the focus on attracting the target audience.

From this point, advergaming as the possibility to use the information about the brands and products in games is more interesting and rather progressive type of advertising than mobile advertising which became extremely popular during the recent decade.

To meet the requirements of the developed market and draw the potential consumers, many companies use mobile advertising as well as advergaming, and Procter & Gamble is such a company which promotes the products of its many brands using all the modern approaches to advertising.

Mobile advertising began to develop rapidly when marketers worked out the strategy to promote their products with the help of messages. The weak point of this strategy is associated with the aspects of the privacy policy and permission concerns.

The active usage of the possibilities of the Internet connection in mobile devices allowed the concentration on presenting advertisements in the form of mobile Web banners and posters, videos, and jingles. Procter & Gamble uses mobile advertising for promoting all its brands with accentuating the advantages of interactive advertisements, videos, and only then mobile Web banners and posters.

Using mobile advertising, Procter & Gamble concentrates not only on the brand awareness but also on increasing the impact of the advertisements on the target audience. In this case, the accents are made on the emotional impact realized with the help of interactive advertisements and videos.

For instance, Procter & Gamble promotes Gillette Fusion using the iPhone application to let the potential consumers virtually shave the faces (Butcher). Video advertisements available for mobiles are used to present the brand with emphases on the information important for customers.

Following the recent tendencies in advergaming, Procter & Gamble focused on the target women’s audience for promoting CoverGirl cosmetics brand. The marketers developed the special game Girls’ Night Out Solitaire based on the traditional Solitaire game popular with women (“CoverGirl® and LimeLife Partner”).

The main advantages of the game are in the fact its price directly depends on the customers’ buying the brand product and entering the UPC code for receiving the discount, the game is characterized by the placement of the brand within it, the game orients to the personalization features of the players, provides a number of activities with the ‘virtual girlfriends’ within the game.

From this point, advergaming is effective for stimulating the interest of the target audience to the definite products and brands.

Procter & Gamble develops strategies and uses new approaches for promoting its products. The accents are made on Web banners, posters, videos, and interactive advertisements instead of messaging which can involve certain permission concerns.

Mobile advertising and advergaming can be discussed as effective means because they help to evoke the interest of the target audience in a product and stimulate its further purchasing.

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