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Problems of Public Meeting Term Paper

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Updated: May 27th, 2020

Public meetings make it easier for societies to come up with the best solutions to their problems. The purpose of public meetings is to address certain challenges affecting different communities. They encourage more people to come together and express their opinions.

The targeted public meeting focused on the issue of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) undertakes similar annual meetings in order to inform the public about the energy issues affecting the country.

The purpose of this meeting was to analyze the developments and issues surrounding the use of SMRs.

The meeting was organized by the USNRC. The elected officials considered the major problems emerging from the use of SMRs. The facilitator wanted the elected officials to deliver their research findings and opinions to the public.

The function of the advisory committee was to deliver quality information to the interested parties. The organizers enjoined different members of the public. The video can be retrieved from “”.

According to the NRC, public involvement is something critical towards the success of its projects. This practice ensures there is fair regulation of the country’s nuclear industry. Public meetings encourage citizens to present their suggestions. The agency also posts such annual meetings on its website.

The agency’s website is “”. The facilitator also ensured the meeting was convenient to the public. The meeting took place in the afternoon. This consideration encouraged more citizens and stakeholders to attend the public meeting. The agency used its premises in order to get the best outcomes.

This strategy attracted more industrial players, policymakers, and members of the public.

The role of the committee was to present its facts on the use of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The staff identified the opportunities, gaps, and innovations associated with such SMRs. The relevant members of staff also gathered the required feedbacks from different citizens.

They also made the relevant suggestions and recommendations depending on the information gathered from the public. They also obtained expert-opinions from different stakeholders in the nuclear energy industry.

The citizens were the prime targets of this specific public meeting. The mission of this meeting was to support the use of SMRs. The organizers of the meeting encouraged different citizens to present their feedbacks, questions, and suggestions. Such questions were answered in a professional manner.

The agency also encouraged more people to present their recommendations. A suggestion box was provided in order to collect more ideas and views from the public. The organizers took most of these ideas into consideration. This fact explains why citizens play a critical role in every public meeting.

The other notable thing during the meeting was the role of the media. A number of journalists were evident in the meeting. These journalists took some notes. They also interviewed different stakeholders and scientists. The media is relevant because it informs more citizens about the issues discussed in every meeting.

A number of people raised their issues and concerns regarding the use of different nuclear energies. Such individuals were ready to present their special interests. The problem of environmental degradation is currently affecting many communities and societies.

Such Special Interest Groups (SIGs) wanted to understand the commitment of the NRC towards safeguarding the natural environment.

It is agreeable that nuclear energy cannot be separated from land management. The agency explained how it was addressing the issues related to land use in the country. The organizers also addressed the connection between urban land-use and nuclear energy production.

The organizers of the meeting also addressed the health and economic issues associated with such nuclear plants. The NRC encouraged every attendee to visit its website. Such individuals would learn more about NRC’s nuclear projects. However, the meeting failed to address some critical issues such as the loss of different agricultural lands.

It is also anticipated that more land concerns will arise in the future. This development will occur due to the continued acceptance of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). There were no agenda items related to the issue at the other levels of government.

The organizers of the meeting were ready to consider the recommendations presented by different citizens. The agency also undertakes similar meetings every year. This practice shows clearly that the agency has been implementing most of the recommendations presented by different industry players.

The agency has also been welcoming many researchers and engineers from different learning institutions. This practice has been supporting the goals of the NRC.

The meeting was also characterized by public hearings. Such public hearings influenced the decisions made by the appointed officials. Such officials believed that it was appropriate to consider most of the issues raised by different stakeholders. The NRC always collaborates with the public in order to produce the best outcomes.

This fact also explains why the NRC always encourages the participation of many stakeholders and the public. I also believe that the agency should attract more stakeholders in order to ensure there is fair management of the industry. The practice will also regulate the American nuclear industry.

This practice will produce new policies and practices that can improve the living conditions of many people. The strategy will also address most of the fears associated with the continued use of nuclear energy.

The meeting did not identify any issue related to grants from higher levels of government. The meeting focused on the major developments and issues associated with these Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). However, the government should support the project in order to make it more sustainable.

This approach will ensure such Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) support the lives of many communities in the country.

It would be agreeable that this was a worthwhile public meeting. To begin with, the meeting attracted many people from different sectors. The inclusion of certain stakeholders such as industrial players, engineers, scientists, and researchers resulted in the best results.

The participants did not give the best representation of the targeted community. However, the public meeting highlighted the developments associated with Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). This event provided a new opportunity for identifying better practices.

This approach was critical towards building consensus. This practice is necessary whenever dealing with specific issues that affect the community.

Future meetings should focus on the safety measures associated with these Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Such meetings should also disseminate the necessary decisions, information, and data to every person in the community. This practice has the potential to increase public awareness.

It will also ensure more people support the use of nuclear energy. These public meetings are important because they address most of the challenges affecting different communities. The NRC has been using such events to highlight the major developments arising from its nuclear innovations.

This fact explains why I am planning to attend similar public meetings in the future.

I also made several observations during the meeting. Most of the attendees were ready to interact with different speakers. Most of the speakers were passionate about the targeted agenda. They wanted every person to understand the targeted issues clearly.

The professionals in the targeted field avoided the use of difficult words and terminologies. This approach ensured every member of the public understood the intended messages. I think that more people should be encouraged to attend such meetings. This practice will make it easier for them to participate in different policy-making processes.

I now understand why organizers should invite different players from every sector. The practice can result in the best policies and ideas. The approach will ensure more individuals in the society benefit from these meetings.

Public meetings are useful because they inform more people about the issues affecting their societies. These meetings inform the public about the major challenges affecting their lives. They also identify the best practices that can improve their lives. Learning is always an ongoing practice.

That being the case, I will always be attending different public meetings even if I am not required to do so. Such meetings will make it easier for me to gain new ideas and concepts. I will also understand how different political leaders are committed towards supporting the needs of their societies.

I am also encouraging more people to attend such public meetings. This practice will make it easier for them to make accurate political and economic decisions.

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