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Quantitative Researches Methods Essay

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Updated: Jun 9th, 2020

There are many types of different quantitative researches that are used by scholars in their works to obtain some statistics or analyze a certain issue (Hohman, 2006). Computer simulation modeling is one of these methods which are widely used nowadays. The main peculiarity of the work of this method is the special algorithm that is created for each case. In modern research articles, it is possible to notice that simulation is based on the information and data presented in this algorithm (Van Kirk, Martin, Ross, & Douglas, 2014), and the computer calculates this data giving final results. With the increase in the complexity of computers, this method becomes more and more reliable and able to provide some unique results.

Another method of quantitative research that is also widely used by researchers in the laboratory experiment. The main idea of this method lies in the attempt to create some special conditions in a laboratory (Grangeon, Droppo, Legout, & Esteves, 2014). Under these conditions, the investigated issue will be very easy to observe and make some conclusions. The data obtained with the help of this experiment is taken into account and creates the basis for quantitative research, which will be used to support the main thesis of the work.

At first gaze, these methods seem to be absolutely different. Using computer simulations, scientists do not have to create special conditions in the laboratory. Moreover, computer simulation is able to create such conditions, which could not be created on Earth. However, there are still some similarities between these methods. Both these approaches center around the attempt to create some special environment for the phenomenon under investigation. Moreover, it is possible to suggest that computer simulation originated from the laboratory experiment with the development of digital technologies.

Being popular research methods, computer simulation, and laboratory experiment still have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages of the first method is its ability to work with theoretical values and make calculations of different difficulties almost immediately. However, this method is still vulnerable, as it depends on the algorithm created by people. That is why there is a possibility of a mistake in calculations.

Laboratory experiments main advantage is a clear character of the processes which flow under the supervision of scientists. It is possible to apply any changes at any moment of time. However, there are also some drawbacks to this research method. First of all, sometimes it can be very expensive as it is not so easy to create special conditions for the investigation of a certain factor. Moreover, in the case of failure, all money will be spent in vain, as it is impossible to use the same equipment for another experiment.

Having analyzed these two methods, it is possible to come to a certain conclusion. It is obvious that these methods have great importance for the world of science, They allow researchers to obtain information with the help of calculated predictions and discover new regularities of the functioning of our world. However, both these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and that is why it should be recommended to combine them in order to obtain even more credible data.

Besides, it should be said that sometimes experiments or simulations can be taken as unethical as they touch some very complicated spheres of human life, though they still are very important for the development of science.


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