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Riordan Manufacturing: Challenges and Problems Report

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In Kenya, Riordan Manufacturing will face different challenges and problems caused by cultural and business differences. Thus, establishing and maintaining the strict morel rules and regulations require the cooperative efforts of some, often of many, people. Undoubtedly, the state and technical regulations must exist to prevent negative outcomes, but in this very field, nobody can draw the line between negative and positive, because in many cases fears are based on hypothetical theories. In Kenya, the main ethical issues will involve fear treatment of all employees and anti-discrimination policies, environmental policies and the state laws, accounting principles.

An ideal ethical code

In a foreign country, an ideal ethical code calls for each company is to think carefully about the many different constituencies upon which its activities and performance have an impact. Riordan Manufacturing should, in detail, identify a different list, but for the community generally, the following are among the most commonly considered. Cultural differences will be the main issues that affected the company. In this case, trying to avoid this conflict, Riordan Manufacturing should stipulate strict ethical principles and strictly control their performance. In this situation, the modern management professional is a mediator, diplomat, and politician who resolves disputes taking into account ethical and moral obligations and ethical standards employed by the organization. Ethical norms and standards are crucial for Riordan Manufacturing serving as a guide and moral codex of ethical behavior patterns in Kenya. Basic ethical qualities required for the management professional are an understanding of corporate morale and motivations, knowledge of social and psychological problems (good judge of human nature, friendly, firm, patient, and impartial) of both the home and the foreign countries.

The state laws and regulations

Compliance with the state laws and regulations is another ethical issue faced by Riordan Manufacturing in Kenya. The growing need for manufacturers and producers to sell products in a highly competitive market is a crucial task. Faced with the everyday dilemma of keeping abreast with technological advancements, ever-changing consumer preferences, and competitor’s high quality of counterpart products. The various companies engage in the selling business battle each other in the promotion of quality produced goods and services. Riordan Manufacturing should follow ethical principles and rules established in this country. To succeed would mean to be able to come up with a formidable marketing team that will efficiently create means to increase product marketability and develop strategies that would compel other companies to either step up to the challenge or better yet, withdraw from the game of business and profit-making. The company follows ‘ISO 9000 standards that define the attitude and abilities of Riordan Manufacturing”. In this case, it is important to take into account stakeholders’ interests and environmental concerns of the Kenyan government (Frederick, 2002).

Fair accounting and reporting principles

Fair accounting and reporting principles are other ethical challenges. There are great differences between the US and Kenyan accounting systems, so it is crucial for Riordan Manufacturing to meet all requirements and avoid fraudulent actions. Despite these tendencies, the ethical obligations of management professionals include fair and professional treatment of all employees, keeping a high confidentiality level of corporate information, and responsibility towards the community and shareholders (Frederick, 2002). Management professionals should adopt ethical standards based on the moral justification that comes from a value system that is independent of the business itself. The core of corporate ethics and effective ethical communication depends upon the interpretation of the rules and obligations of the parties. In this case, ethical communication implies the organizing element of management which concerns itself with the system and environment within which communication functions. To ensure more ethical communication, it is crucial to “balance” moral obligations based on “human rights” and organizational goals.


These ethical issues will impact the marketing efforts of the country and require compliance with ethical rules and obligations. Ethical behavior, at its most basic level, is what most people in a given society or group view as being moral, good, or right. There is a strong tendency is for societies to demand that companies act with increasing concern for the overall societal and environmental needs, as well as economic needs. Ethical responsibility means that Riordan Manufacturing has broader obligations including specific responsibilities toward customers, employees, suppliers, and society as a whole. For instance, stability of employment and work safety is more important than the level of profits. Many companies develop a code of ethical conduct which stipulates strict moral and ethical rules aimed to protect interest groups (Frederick, 2002). The notion of responsibility involves external areas (users and community relations) and internal areas (physical environment factors). The main task of moral responsibility and ethics for Riordan Manufacturing is to reduce any harmful influence on the natural environment and stakeholders.

If Riordan Manufacturing considered marketing to a broader region, it would have to take into account its current activities and negative influences (if any) of its expansion on other countries. The marketing strategy would be based on cultural differences and ethical principles typical for this region. Responsibility has a great impact on the overall being of a business determining moral and ethical standards applied to all areas of operations. It creates a positive image of the company and ensures social stability and recognition (Frederick, 2002). More specifically, values are the standards by which things may be judged and serve to shape people’s beliefs and consequently their atti¬tudes. This is probably the most elusive area of culture as values and attitudes only become apparent through inter-personal communication and interaction.


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