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Roses International’s Marketing Function Report

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Updated: Sep 2nd, 2021

Roses International a skincare product company established by Marie Jane in 1998. It manufactures a wide range of skincare products to match the various needs of its customers. The products range from anti-acne cremes, moisturizers, skin toners, cleansing agents, scrubs and oil regulating crèmes. The products are designed to meet varying skin requirements and are classified on a gender basis. Men products vary from women products. The customer base is limited to the marketing processes of the various branches the company has. Its branches are in 12 states of the US and 16 countries across the globe, but plans are underway to expand its establishments.

Marketing is a very important aspect in ensuring the progress for Roses International. There is high competitiveness in the market, and there is a need to widen the demand for our products. There are many skincare based firms targeting the same population as we are, and to stand out, we have established a strong marketing department. Marketing involves advertisement, effective research, promotional sales as well as direct sales.

Roses International organizational chart

Roses International organizational chart.

Vice presidents head the human resources, production, marketing and purchases departments. Managers who are responsible to the vice president in their department head the strategic, communication and product departments of the marketing departments. Under them are marketing assistants who perform their roles diligently according to their areas of the profession. Those in strategic planning establish plans that are to be undertaken depending on the information available from the market research. In the communication department, assistants disseminate information to clients to promote sales.

For the product department, assistants determine the products design, its marketing and when or how new products will be launched. All the sub-branches work together as teams using their individual strengths to achieve the business goals that have been established.

Role of marketing

Subordinate role – this entails the tasks the various sub-branches of the marketing department have to perform for the success of the company. The subordinate role deals with responsibilities that one pursues and reports to those above them. The marketing assistants report to their managers, who then report to the vice president.

Strategic planning concerns decision-making that is influenced by the production department and the finance department. Marketing assistants in this section cooperate with the assistants in the market research and come up with effective strategies to match the customers demand with the company’s supply. The assistants identify where the company is at the time, how it got there, where it is headed, where it wants to be, how it can get there and whether it is on the right track. In general, the strategic manager reports to the vice president in the marketing department of how it will address competitiveness in the market and how it will implement and support its processes.

Market research provides vital information on consumer’s behaviour, their preference, or needs. It is essential in marketing as it enables the company to influence its competitiveness in the market. Assistants in this section report their findings to their manager, who can incorporate that information in establishing the right way forward. The manager then reports to the vice president of his/her findings. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007)

Quality of marketing decisions will depend to a great extent on the available information. Market research provides important information about specific marketing issues. It can identify possible market potential and assess the market trends. Marketing assistants in this section are therefore very important in the success of Roses International. They also help managers make timely decisions, thus reducing costs or losses.

Communication is also an important aspect of marketing. It entails the dissemination of information about products made to the consumers. Marketing assistants in the IT department are responsible for e-marketing campaigns geared towards increasing the sales of Roses International. They have established a website where customers can timely make purchases. They can access information about the wide range of products that Roses offer, and their queries are addressed. The personalized attention they get has been found to have a good impact on sales.

Trade shows and seminars also promote sales of the company. Through them, consumers are able to acquire important information about the various skincare products Roses International offers. Assistants in this section determine when to organize trade shows or trade fairs and how they will be conducted. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007). They are able to access a wide range of consumers within a short time.

It enables them to attain new contacts that could otherwise have been reached. Assistants determine when the seminars are to be held, thus creating links with technical staff. The product branch of the marketing department deals with product design, its marketing and its launch. Market research can provide information that shows the need for inventing new products in the market. The product design sub-branch determines the packaging of the product. Product marketing works together with the communication department to determine how the product is to be marketed. Product launch determines the first time the product is to be introduced to the market. Product design seeks the ideal shape the consumers would prefer.

Equal or peer role of marketing refers to the similar roles that marketing plays with another department like the human resources and production. They all report to the president on their progress. All three departments work towards achieving the goals or mission of the company. Vice presidents who oversee the managers’ responsibilities and ensure effective running of the company head them.

The supervisory role of marketing entails the responsibility of heads in the department in overseeing their subordinates. The marketing vice president oversees the marketing managers, who likewise oversee their assistants. The vice president of marketing will oversee the strategic, communication and product brand management. He or she must be a smart thinker to ensure effective plans are put in place. It’s also the responsibility of the vice president to oversee market research. They develop marketing plans that best fit the market demands and the company’s mission.

The marketing department interacts with the other departments in the organization. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007). The human resources department is responsible for the hiring of employees in the company. It determines who are hired in the marketing departments, from the managers to the marketing assistants. The finance department processes the payments of employees in the marketing department and is responsible for the allocation of finances to undertake its various roles.

The production department provides or rather determines the product quality that the marketing department is to market. The production department ensures that effective marketing does not lead to inadequate supply, and it has to produce enough output. The finance department has the responsibility of ensuring that resources needed to attain successful marketing have been put in place. Marketing will require a revenue budget to undertake its operations, for instance, on trade shows and seminars. Marketing research will need personnel that are provided by the human resources department. Successful marketing cannot be done in isolation. Decisions made by other departments will influence its performance.

The role of a marketing assistant will depend on the sub-branch that is being dealt with. In Roses International, the respective marketing branches, which are over seen by the vice president, do decisions and monitoring of tasks. The marketing assistants do much of the groundwork in terms of execution and implementation. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007). A marketing assistant in the communication branch of marketing will be required to organize seminars and trade shows, schedule and prepare meetings and travel arrangements as well as completing the general administrative duties assigned by the managers.

He or she produces a calendar of events to ensure that people are aware of important activities in the company. An effective market plan produces effective results for a company. The planning process is therefore very important and should be strategic. It incorporates the company’s available resources with information on the markets, consumers and products to come up with a sufficient plan.

Stages of marketing planning

The first stage is also known as the situation analysis. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007). It addresses the marketing environment that deals with both the micro and macro environments. The microenvironment includes the raw material suppliers, competitors and distributors. The internal environment deals with finances, labour, machinery and technology that the company has. The macro environment also plays an important role in the company’s activities. Laws and regulations can affect how a company is to carry out its activities. Current laws may favour or hinder the implementation of set strategies.

Identifying the targeted group or audiences is done at this stage. Roses International undertakes extensive research to identify potential clients or targets. It serves multiple or diverse targets ranging from men to women of varying skin textures and tones. On ranking them, women proved to have a wider scope than men. More people had normal skins as opposed to oily and dry skin. Consequently, more resources are allocated on normal skin products, especially those designed for both sexes and ladies, for instance, the Roses moisturizers. Women are a viable, accessible segment of the target group. Realistic data can be identified to show their potential. Beauty is part of their lifestyles, and they constitute a higher demand for skincare products.

PEST factors are also influential

  • Political – Roses International must establish the stability of the prevailing political environment. It should at this stage consider if government policies will affect its business activities if the government a member of trading blocks and what is the government position on marketing ethics. If the government is a member of a trading block, Roses International can consider venturing into member countries.
  • Economic factors will influence the company’s activities. Roses International must consider the state of the economy when planning. The interest rates, inflation rates and the GDP are important aspects to consider in cost-benefit analysis. Roses International should not invest in countries where there are high-interest rates as its profits will be minimal.
  • Sociocultural factors affect business. Religion may influence what products to use. People’s attitudes to foreign products may influence the sales of a product or service. If Roses International invests in a country that has a negative attitude to foreign products, its profitability levels may decline, or it incurs losses. Language is very important in communication. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, Roses International should establish if the language of a people affects the diffusion of products in the foreign markets and use such to its advantage.
  • Technological factors. Technology is vital in the production and distribution of goods and services. To gain a competitive advantage, Roses International must adapt to effective and efficient technology that will ensure quality products. It must adopt the technology that is of its advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness, innovation and growth. Availability of the media and the behaviour of competitors are important external factors that Roses International has to consider.

SWOT Analysis


Roses International has new products in the market that will be an advantage over its competitors. It has a strong and effective marketing research team that provides accurate information on the prevailing market. Its highly experienced and qualified skincare based experts use the information derived from producing quality products that match the client’s needs. With advanced machinery and equipment, the company is able to undertake quality processes and procedures.


There are many skincare based companies, most of which are very popular and well established. Such companies are able to sell their products at lower prices as they enjoy economies of scale. Being a new company Roses International has higher operational costs than its competitors. It has to reduce its profit margins to remain in the market.


It can maximize modern technology or the Internet to expand its market. Personalized services from the globally based Internet system will increase its sales. It can venture into more markets, especially the developing countries. Effective research can help identify areas that have much potential.


The greatest threat that Roses International faces is price wars with its competitors. Some of its competitors have access to superior channels of distribution and hence better placed in the market. The introduction of taxes on the skincare product is also a potential threat to Roses International.

The second stage of marketing entails the setting of the company’s objectives. Objectives set must be timely, specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007) The company has various objectives ranging from launching new products like the Roses exfoliating crème. It also wants to venture into new markets like South Africa to increase its market base. It targets to increase its sales by 10% in a months time. Roses International wants to increase its efficiency by ensuring that customer demands are addressed effectively and timely.

The third stage entails deciding on the marketing mix to be used in attaining the set objectives. At the same time, ensuring that the company’s mission and vision are not jeopardized. The marketing tactics to be undertaken include; the price, place, product and promotion will be considered. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007) The price is determined by the cost and market prices. Place determines how to reach the market or the channels of distribution. The product deals with how the product is sold, whether it will be in pieces or in bulk. Promotion determines which channel will be used in the advertisement.

To launch the product, the product launch assistants will come up with a date and venue where the product launch is to be held. This is, however, verified by the respective manager and vice president. The communication department will see to it that this information is then disseminated to all bodies. Details about the product can be made available on the company’s websites as well as in the local magazines, television and newspapers advertisements.

To enter into new markets like in the case of South Africa, Roses International will, through the president, ensure that the legal procedures are followed so that effective marketing can follow suit. By increased trade fairs and seminars, Roses International hopes to increase its sales by 10% in a month’s time. The website will also help increase the company’s efficiency through timely customer response.

The fourth stage entails the allocation of a budget to cover the costs or expenses to be incurred in marketing. Given that Roses International wants to maintain its profitability despite its competitiveness, a budget will suffice. It will ensure that unnecessary costs are prevented, and accountability will be easier. The finance department will develop a cost-benefit analysis and determine if the investment is less than the anticipated gains, then the identified strategies will be pursued.

The action planning. Here, tactics for implementing the selected marketing procedures will be established. Respective departments will undertake their respective roles to ensure successful marketing.

To measure the success of the marketing process, Roses International will establish a feedback mechanism and regular reviews. Marketing control entails the monitoring of proposed plans as they are implemented and making appropriate adjustments. The marketing objectives are assessed in line with the performance standards and comparisons made between the results and the standards. Appropriate alterations or corrections are then put in place. Control could be through quality control, sales analysis as well as market share analysis. (Geoff L and Frank W, 2007)

Roses International needs to intensify its advertisement as a step towards increasing its market base. It can invest more in television advertisements to attain an increased market base like McDonald’s. (www.associatedcontent.com). Increased television advertisement will help build its reputation over time, and this will be to its competitive advantage. Regional branches can use the local people in their advertisement as language and culture play a vital role in business.

McDonald’s has successfully integrated culture into its marketing strategy. Creating a good image in society will yield benefits for the company. It should also increase its willingness to innovate so that its new products are not phased out in the market. Offering reasonable prices will also improve the company’s sales. Image is everything, and the use of captured images will be vital in influencing sales in the company. (www.associatedcontent.com)


Geoff L and Frank W. 2007. The Official CIM course book: Marketing Environment, Marketing In Practice and Marketing Fundamentals.

Need Coffee. 2007. McDonald’s Strategic Marketing Mix. Web.

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