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Securing Software for New Technologies Report (Assessment)


As new technologies, mobile devices, and computer programs are diffusing rapidly among the Internet users all over the world, various old methods of security become ineffective. As many people need their files to be protected well, IBM and other transnational corporations are obliged to reconsider the entire philosophy of cloud and mobile security. The following paper is intended to discuss the issue of computer security reinventions due to multiple technological innovations that are prevalent on modern markets.

Hannigan’s Message Summary

Brendan Hannigan is an investor and entrepreneur who specializes in cloud and mobile security. This man is a representative of the IBM Company, which is known for its effective and reliable security software. During his performance at the Interconnection presentation, Hannigan (2015) raised the topic that discussed various changes in the world of new technologies. Also, he said that the crime level has decreased due to particular innovative methods of information exchange. However, as such data storage services as cloud programs are popular among computer users in today’s world, contemporary security systems turn out to be weaker than it is required (Anandarajan, 2016). Therefore, IBM specialists and program developers must find the ways of possible cracks in these services to eliminate the possibility of multiple side interventions into accounts of individuals with important information kept there.

The industry of virtual information resources is proliferating. It would be proper to state that approximately ninety percent of all the data that can be found on the Internet or secured personal sources was created within the last two years. Hannigan (2015) claims that such temps of development have an adverse impact on the effectiveness and productivity of old securing software as different data sources remain at a tremendous risk of being hacked. Also, people require new information protection solutions due to the popularization of the Internet of Things in different aspects of their lives.

Hannigan (2015) says that the development and invention process of modern security software requires more investment and time economy. It is essential to process as much data as possible in the shorter period due to its enormous volumes. Although there is a wide range of techniques that help transnational companies prevent side interventions into their data storages, online criminals invent new methods of dealing with appropriate security software (Merkow & Raghavan, 2010). Also, it is necessary for computer engineers to save their time when analyzing particular information flows. To resolve this problem, Hannigan (2015) says that IBM specialists are working on different products that might be able to scan all the secured data almost without human intervention in this process.

Instead of using old security systems (antivirus programs, Firewalls, and so on), Hannigan (2015) offers the audience to purchase new IBM products that that will be competent in protecting users’ cloud accounts and mobile devices. The investor claims that the innovative SPx Core Technology provides all aspects of security, confidentiality, integrity, and high availability, which are highly appreciated and valued in today’s world (Ryan, 2013). The company also aims at making its software simpler for people to have fewer difficulties with its exploitation. As it is mentioned above, computer users want to save their time, resources, and keep their files secure. IBM is trying to address these needs and make its customers satisfied to improve the corporation’s reliability and authority among its followers.

Accuracy of Hannigan’s Analysis

Brendan Hannigan (2015) was discussing new methods of information safety at the annual IBM conference that is called Interconnection. Some people have particular doubts as to his exaggerate claims due to the possible strategy to sell the presented products. It is important to remember that the IBM Company’s profits rise significantly after its presentation due to the popularization of their products introduced to the mass media. Therefore, it might be just another strategy to increase the profits and earn extra money.

However, the points made by Hannigan (2015) are scientifically proved, whereas the issues he discussed are prevalent in the modern world, and they need to be solved immediately. Otherwise, many users and corporations that work with various secret files might have multiple losses due to ineffective security systems (Nandi, 2017). Indeed, many scholars state that approximately twenty-five petabytes of information are generated by the Internet users all over the world on a daily basis. Moreover, it would be proper to mention that the number of zettabytes produced yearly (seven) has increased significantly since 2015 (Nandi, 2017). In the year 2020, our planet’s population is estimated to produce more than thirty-five zettabytes per three hundred and sixty-five days (Rong, Nguyen, & Jaatun, 2013). As the volumes of information become larger every day, it is possible to see that Hannigan was discussing and offering a solution to a real damage that might have an adverse impact on every computer user in the future.


Brendan Hannigan (a representative of IBM) says that the diffusion of mobile devices and cloud services has led to weaker security systems that are able to protect new technologies from being hacked. Indeed, the volume of information in the World Wide Web is increasing rapidly, whereas our lives are overwhelmed with the Internet of Things. Therefore, it is essential to implement new security software to save all the necessary and secret information untouched.


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