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Security Systems Engineer for Technological Company Essay


The selected technological organization markets and installs remote surveillance cameras. Recently, the company won a contract to provide similar services to government agencies. If the firm is to remain successful, it must hire competent employees and empower them to achieve every objective. The implementation of a powerful staffing model can make it easier for the human resource (HR) department to meet the needs of more employees and promote performance. Appropriate plans can also be used to deal with various problems such as increased turnover, reduced morale, and lack of empowerment. As the company plans to expand its operations and become sustainable, the suggestions presented below will ensure that it hires a competent Security Systems Engineer.

Three Job Requirements

The proposed position is that of a Security Systems Engineer (SSE). The targeted candidate should be able to manage, monitor, and guide different workers to install, inspect, and maintain security systems and surveillance cameras. The successful person should fulfill three unique requirements. The first one is the possession of a security systems engineering degree from a reputable university. The second requirement is that the candidate must have worked in a similar position for not less than 24 months. These two requirements will ensure that the candidate has adequate experiences for the position (Ekwoaba, Ikeije, & Ufoma, 2015). The third one is that the individual should be confident, obedient, self-motivated, and a critical thinker. He or she should possess adequate communication skills. Such requirements will guide the person to focus on the goals of the company.

Impacting Staffing

It is agreeable that HR departments should be keen to develop powerful staffing models to ensure that every potential candidate possesses the right competencies and skills (Banfield, Kay, & Royles, 2018). The above three requirements have the potential to impact staffing in this organization in several ways. The first one is that such credentials could set the tone for future hiring procedures. This means that every job applicant in the future should possess adequate communication skills such as attentive listening, problem-solving, and decision-making. These attributes will empower different workers to focus on the organization’s goals. The second way is that the outlined requirements can be met by many engineers in the region. That being the case, the company will be in a position to identify and recruit a skilled person with ease. The development will support its business model and expansion strategy.

Strategy for Applicants

An efficient strategy is needed in the organization to ensure that every applicant fulfills the above job requirements. The strategy will be characterized by three attributes. The first one is making sure that all applicants send their resumes to the HR department. The second attribute is that every resume should have three referees. The third attribute is organizing for interviews. This powerful strategy will deliver the targeted goal due to several reasons. Firstly, the referees will be contacted to offer useful information regarding the competencies of the applicants (Sun, 2015). Secondly, the outlined interviews will be used to examine and crosscheck every applicant’s qualifications and competencies.

Long-Term Recruitment Plan

A long-term recruitment strategy can dictate the performance (or failure) of a given organization (Sun, 2015). The leaders at the company should implement a potent plan that can ensure that skilled individuals are hired to support its business agenda. The first component of the suggested long-term recruitment plan is the identification of the current workforce shortage. This information will always be used to inform the second element. This component is the desire to align the organization’s workforce needs and goals. The third component (or step) is identifying potential individuals from the workforce or hiring competent individuals from different regions. The fourth component is known as succession planning. This aspect will be used by the HR department to identify competent people to fill specific positions and rehire retirees to minimize recruitment costs. Such practices will be used to identify potential job skills or credential shortages (Banfield et al., 2018). Continuous monitoring is the final component of the plan. This aspect will be used to make appropriate changes and amendments depending on the emerging needs of the company.


Companies that have poor brand images find it hard to attract and hire competent employees (Sun, 2015). Three appropriate branding strategies will be used to attract qualified applicants to this organization. The first strategy will entail the use of the company’s culture. Potential applicants will be informed about the best practices and values associated with the company such as work-life balance, equality, competitive salaries, and empowerment. The second branding approach will be the use of different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Glassdoor to popularize the company’s image. The third strategy will focus on the company’s website to inform more people about its business model, goals, desirable working conditions, and employees’ experiences. Such strategies will encourage more people to apply for the advertised position.

Communication Methods

The use of efficient communication methods will sensitize more potential candidates about the advertised position. Three powerful methods will be considered throughout the process. The first one will be the use of the company’s online presence. This technological approach will inform more people about the company’s brand image and the benefits associated with the intended position (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). The second method to consider is the use of mass media outlets such as radio stations, newspapers, and television channels. Such avenues will ensure that more applicants are aware of the position.

The third method is that of social media networks. These platforms continue to attract more users every single day (Sun, 2015). From this analysis, it is evident that the proposed communication methods will not be isolated from the above branding strategies. Consequently, the mixed approach will deliver the intended message to the greatest number of applicants. The rationale for this argument is that the approaches will work synergistically to promote the company’s brand image while at the same time informing more persons about the vacancy.

Selection Processes and Criteria

Several selection processes can be used whenever recruiting new employees. The presented scenario can benefit from the power of evaluation and hiring. This process can be executed by inviting job applicants and interviewing them to hire the best candidate (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). The second process that can be applied in the organization is identifying a competent engineer from the current workforce. After settling on the most appropriate selection, it will be easier to get an experienced person for the position.

A powerful and sustainable approach can be used to hire new employees at the company. The best selection criteria can be constituted of five approaches. The first one is evaluating organizational needs to identify the right vacancy or position. This second step is giving a detailed description of the post. The third approach is developing a recruitment plan (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). The fourth step is identifying, inviting, and interviewing potential applicants. The final phase is analyzing their submissions in an attempt to identify the most suitable candidate. The hired individual should then be supported and empowered using adequate resources.

Effect of the 5 Selection Criteria

The above 5 selection criteria are aimed at hiring competent individuals who can support the goals of the company. The decision to match organizational needs to individual skills is what makes the approach sustainable. This means that the company will hire individuals whose skills are needed. Additionally, such employees will be supported by different stakeholders and leaders. The justification is that such practices will improve the level of employee retention. The hired person should receive adequate support and resources (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). This initiative justifies why the approach is capable of preserving organizational knowledge. The recruited individuals are empowered to continue focusing on the goals of the company.

Assessment Methods

As indicated earlier, the current position is that of a Security Systems Engineer. The organization must use powerful assessment methods to select competent persons for this vacancy. The first assessment method is the use of an interview. This strategy is recommended since it is valid and reliable depending on the nature of the position. The method will empower the interviewer to collect adequate information from every applicant. Additionally, the approach can expose the competencies and communication skills possessed by the individuals (Banfield et al., 2018). Since the mode of interviewing is face-to-face, the applicants will offer useful information that can inform the HR manager’s decision.

The second assessment method is the use of monitored tasks. For instance, applicants can be required to install surveillance cameras and examine if they are working efficiently. They should also write a report that can guide the interviewer to make appropriate inferences and conclusions (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). This method is practical and can ensure that the right candidate for the job is hired.

Job Predictors

Several job predictors will be used to assess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other skills/experiences (KSAOs) of every applicant. The first one is known as job fit (Sun, 2015). This predictor focuses on a person’s past accomplishments and how he or she can support the company’s business model. This predictor will reveal an applicant’s skills and competencies. The second predictor is the achiever pattern (Banfield et al., 2018). This attribute helps recruiters identify competent candidates who will support the company’s objectives. The third predictor is known as an aptitude test. This kind of analysis predicts a person’s ability to complete various activities depending on his or her competencies. The last predictor is the ability to make appropriate career decisions. A person who focuses on professional growth will possess adequate skills and experiences that can support the goals of the organization.


The success of any company depends on its ability to identify, interview, and hire competent employees who can support its business model. This proposed organization can use powerful selection and hiring processes for the targeted position and achieve its objectives. The HR department should also focus on every aspect and approach to make the recruitment process efficient. Consequently, the organization will address its current staffing issues and eventually remain profitable in its industry.


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