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Serenissima Trend: Spring-Summer 2016 Essay

Identify trend name, and give a brief description of the message behind this trend

Serenissima (“the most serene”) represents an atmosphere that is romantic yet modern. The color palette of this trend primarily consists of purplish pinks, mint green and turquoise hues that remind a state of calmness. These colors can be applied to various appearances and fine materials such as ironwork, silk, tapestry, embroidery, jewelry, Murano along with many others.

More luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, gems, and marbles are harmoniously combined with colors of this trend. Depending on the material, the same color may create an extremely different atmosphere. In general, the soft color palette of purple and green evokes a sense of modern femininity and decorativeness. The purpose of this trend is to represent the new side of beauty.

Serenissima is influenced by two zeitgeists of two different epochs: Renaissance and Romanticism. Renaissance is famous for challenging religious visions and considerations. This period brought the idea of superiority of human mind and body. The attitude towards religion changed as people became more self-aware (Romanek 4). Tom Nichols considers Renaissance painting to be a visual poetry (75). The same is with Serenissima.

This trend renders ideas of calm freedom. For example, the unity of the stylish mixture of flourishes, flowers, arabesques and intarsia of fine materials or wrought iron renders poetic meanings (“Serenissima. Surfaces Material Trends” n. pag.).

Romanticism, on the contrary, emphasizes the significance of human emotions and celebrates human life (Shostak 38). Serenissima combines zeitgeists that glorify emotions and the human mind. This juxtaposition gives the new idea about modern beauty — beauty that seeks inspiration in two fundamental features of human nature.

Describe the target market that this trend theme would apply to

There is no doubt that the target audience of this trend is able to appreciate the magnificence of past. However, when identifying the target audience, it is necessary to think about age and income and education level (Porta par. 10). Thus, the trend would apply to individuals who are well-educated and understand at least basic concepts of epochs. Most representatives of this audience will be middle-aged people with middle and high socio-economic status.

However, the notes of modernity and new romanticism would attract the younger audience as well. Sculptured transparencies and shininess would be attractive for youth who appreciates modern luxury (“Serenissima. Surfaces Material Trends” n. pag.). The trend will bond to people who know their goals in life and ways of their achievement. Serenissima is for those who can see something new in the juxtaposition of already existing ideas, thoughts, styles, and materials.

How might this theme relate to product categories and price-points?

This theme may be realized in a variety of products. However, its power may be fully recognized in interior decorations. Colored transparency may be utilized for the embodiment of new ideas in furniture. Simple color schemes may be combined with textured and sculptural interior designs in 2016 (“Modern Interior Design Trends 2016 to Stay and Go Away” par. 3).

The combination of purple and silver may be realized in closing and accessories. Shimmering and transparency can contribute to closing drastically as well. Laser cut and mini sculpture can comprise a significant source of the creation of home accessories (“Serenissima. Surfaces Material Trends” n. pag.).

Price points for these product categories may be accessible for middle-class representative due to the combination of expensive luxury materials and semi-precious materials. Nevertheless, the mastery needed for the creation of these products may be costly.

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