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Spain: Brief Characteristic of the Country Essay

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Updated: Feb 4th, 2022

Spain, a part of Europe and the European Union, has a rich history and is considered to be the ninth economically developed country in the world. In the 1950’s the economical growth has reached great heights, which allowed for the advances in all aspects.

Spain is very much a modernized country and has many prospective opportunities in the progress of sustainable development. As Spain is a part of EU Sustainable Development Strategy, it is very much involved in the social innovation and the ecological prosperity in the movement, which increases the stability of the economy and at the same time, protects the environment and social order (Brebbia103). Spain is focused on establishing a plan in dealing with climate change, the use of clean energy, an effective transportation system, social sustainable production and consumption, health system, management of the natural resources of the country, social inclusion with demographics and migration. Spain is very much devoted to helping and fighting poverty in the whole world. One of the most direct ways that Spain plans to implement change is through the objective to give an increase to the use and production of efficient energy and its consumption. Also the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions is one of the biggest goals of the Spanish government. The protection of the environment is a big part of the sustainable development in Spain. Some of the goals involve the protection of the atmosphere, the quality of air, drinking water, land and the general nature that people have an everyday contact with. First, the government must deal with and analyze the usage of the resources and the efficiency that will allow for most practical and beneficial consumption. Then, the effort is directed towards clean energy and the diffusion of the damage that has already been done to the climate. It plans to support its infrastructure by creating more employment opportunities, social programs that will aid those in need and specifically below the poverty line and the interdependence between the society and the government. Except for the environment, Spain is very much devoted to social sustainability. The relationship between the state and the people must be beneficial for both sides. Human justice and the effective use of resources in dealing with society are ways to attain the prospects. Spain is actively involved in international matters and is a great supporter in the need for global sustainability (Bodart 230).

Spain is a country that is very much concerned with terrorism and the mark that it has placed on the world peace. The Spanish government has been acknowledging the need in the usage of superior methods in resolving and preventing any form of armed conflict. As seen through Spain’s fight for poverty all over the world, the goal to diminish and destroy all form of terrorism is one of its main courses. The use of technology and scientific methods is a part of Spain’s plan in the fight against terrorism. The development of new techniques is one of the strategies that Spain is presently working on. The Spanish police and armed forces are very much relying on the technology in the fight against injustice. The advances to the military equipment, helicopters, vehicles, weaponry and programs focused on prevention are being supported by the advances in all aspects of scientific research. In a worldwide fight against terrorism, Spain has recently signed a cooperative agreement with Iraq, which is based on scientific development and provision of best protection to the participating countries. The transfer between the scientific communities and the anti-terrorist programs has been increasing and gaining more support (Sunderland 32). The enhancement in the scientific methods and discoveries have aided in the technological advances and the usage of high technology in the common goal. As biotechnology is becoming another threat to the safety of people, there are steps being taken to counter the ability of terrorism in the usage of such direction. Computer technologies is another fast growing industry that allows for better detection and prevention of any threatening acts to Spain or other countries (Holmes 79). The advances in astronomical developments, military equipment, engineering and general scientific research have created more ways to battle the evil in the world. As Spain is a part of the European Union, it has access to technologies from all over the world. After the events of 9/11, Spain became a very active participant in the progression of new scientific methods in assuring that world peace is stable and lasting.

Spain has shown to be a great advocate in matters that are related to the world. It is not only concerned with own environment, social stability and the fight against terrorism but it takes an active role in aiding other countries in these important matters. The use of clean energy, dissolution of the already caused pollution, support system to the global economy and the fight to protect the freedom of people and justice, are just some of the far reaching goals of the Spanish government.

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