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Strategic Management in DNP Practice Essay

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Updated: Feb 16th, 2022


Nowadays, many students are involved in their doctor of nursing practice (DNP) programs to introduce a problem and develop a solution for delivering care or educating a community. There are many ways for DNP practice scholars to improve their outcomes and achieve positive results. In this paper, attention will be paid to the importance of strategic management decisions, team building strategies, and a quality and safety initiative, with the help of which nursing practice and project plans are supported.

Strategic Management Decisions

Due to technological progress and the re-shaping of moral values in modern society, health care becomes a complex field, with the necessity to change and make decisions regularly. In DNP projects, nursing scholars have to develop their strategic planning and thinking skills to solve complex issues and understand how to involve in this work (Falk et al., 2015). To be more involved in strategic management decisions, a scholar has to investigate internal and external aspects of a project. It is possible to learn the population or the community where an intervention has to be implemented. Strategic initiatives may be improved if clear goals and missions are defined and discussed within a team. It does not matter if a DNP practice scholar works alone or in a team, the creation of specific mission-driven contexts cannot be ignored (Falk et al., 2015). As soon as enough questions are posed, and certain answers are given, a DNP project will be strategically enhanced.

Teambuilding Strategies

In any research project, the establishment of a team turns out to be an integral step. Despite the intentions to create the most favored working environment, some nurses feel unvalued or misunderstood, which considerably influences a culture of teamwork. Strategic planning involves teambuilding, as well as the recognition of task forces (Falk et al., 2015). To support nursing practice and project plans, several strategies can be effective. First, an open-door policy will provoke regular communication and the possibility to discuss urgent issues. Second, the combination of leadership and team autonomy will improve the outcomes without breaking a rule that any team should have a leader and develop democratic relationships. Finally, problem-solving contributes to teambuilding experiences because researchers must be mutually developed instead of being oriented toward one particular task.

Quality and Safety Initiative

As well as any work, nursing practice is characterized by properly applied quality and safety initiatives to support its outcomes. Strategic planning in a DNP project includes the development of political and financial decisions to promote quality and safety (Falk et al., 2015). Such initiatives will help to reduce the number of negative outcomes and problems within a community. Medical errors could happen even if the most definite steps are taken, and quality and safety improvement should stay sustainable in nursing practice. The analysis of past achievements and recent expectations will show how the offered idea changes the current state of affairs. An understanding of patients’ needs and nurses’ opportunities will help to develop a plan, using available resources and knowledge. In this DNP project, a quality and safety initiative aims at improving the quality of care and reducing maternal hemorrhage, and it is expected to analyze the impact of the offered intervention through the comparison complications’ statistics.


In general, the combination of strategic management decisions and teambuilding strategies promotes a good possibility to achieve positive outcomes in DNP practice. An understanding of goals and missions, cooperation with people, and recognition of quality standards are the crucial steps in this research project. To support this work, it is necessary to ask correct questions, respect each other, and think about the potential impact of the already-made decisions.


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