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Studying Abroad: Targeted Research Projects Essay

Educational opportunities clearly top the list of key priorities for young people in the 21st century. Seeing that the concept of lifelong learning is becoming the defining characteristics of a successful career, education options in general and the means to advance academically in the appropriate environment in particular is essential to modern people.

As target research projects trigger the opportunity for carrying out studies on an international and cross-cultural level, encouraging targeted researches will allow for enhancing the chances for studying abroad among students. Consequently, an active exchange in experiences and opinions will supposedly occur between the representatives of various cultures.

The opportunities, which targeted research projects open for scholars all over the world, are truly ample. Not only does it help promote cross-cultural and intercultural researches worldwide, but also improve the overall level of academic performance among students in the target countries.

Moreover, specific learners, who lack studying opportunities because of their background, will also be able to receive sufficient help from the concerned organizations. For example, children living I orphanages will be capable of retrieving the knowledge and skills that is required for pursuing their dreams, career goals and aspirations (Wray 00:45:34).

It should also be born in mind that the participation in the research projects in question will presuppose that the most impressive and profound project will top the list of the research contestants, and the participants of the research will receive a prize.

Seeing that the latter includes a monetary reward, or a “grant to the budget”, acting as a ceiling for the Community financial contribution” (European Commission p. 3), one must admit that the specified type of researches may become a major opportunity for the states and regions stricken with poverty to improve their economic and financial status.

More to the point, it is essential to bear in mind that some countries need help in their scholarly endeavors because of the economic conditions that people in such countries have to deal with on a regular basis. there is no secret that some states in Africa (Flolu 25), particularly, in the northern part of the continent, educational opportunities are restricted quite harshly due to extremely poor economic conditions (Wray 01:12:24).

As a result, a major amount of the African population loses the chance to advance in their education and, therefore, contribute to research. The development of targeted research projects will help address the problem in a rather efficient manner.

The very concept of a target research project proves that the links between the academic and economic lives of a state is very strong. In order to encourage research, one will have to provide a major economic boost to the country in question. As a result, the incorporation of several elements, including the incentives for economic growth and the boost for education development, can be viewed as a major advantage of target research projects.

Though the connection between targeted research projects and chances for studying abroad may not seem obvious at first, a closer look at the subject matter will reveal that, by definition, targeted researches presuppose that a cross-cultural element should be introduced into the study.

Herein the necessity to encourage targeted research projects lies. Following the Sixth Framework Programme will help introduce the principles of targeted research into the academic environment of a range of states, therefore, encouraging the latter to develop the existing research system.

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